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  • Introducing MooTools ScrollSidebar

    How many times are you putting together a HTML navigation block or utility block of elements that you wish could be seen everywhere on a page? I've created a solution that will seamlessly allow you to do so: ScrollSidebar. ScrollSidebar allows you...

  • What I’m Thankful For: 2009 Web Edition

    I'd like to take a moment this Thanksgiving to thank some people that deserved to be. I'd like to thank the MooTools team for all of the support and hard work. I feel truly honored to be around such intelligent, driven group of individuals.

  • Access JavaScript Object Variable Properties

    Not all JavaScript objects are as easy as MyObject.property. Sometimes you may want to access a property whose key is stored in a variable. Luckily accessing these properties is very easy. Javascript Object Property Accessing Example You may use array-style syntax to access an object's properties.

  • META Refresh vs. JavaScript Refresh

    A few days back I was perusing the ESPN.com source code when I found the following snippet of code: I understand what the code was supposed to do but was confused as to why they'd use JavaScript as a primary method and META as a fallback method.

  • Better Pull Quotes with MooTools

    Chris Coyier authored a post titled Better Pull Quotes: Don't Repeat Markup a while back. In his post he created great-looking pull quotes without repeating any content -- instead he uses jQuery to dynamically create the pull quotes. The following is the...

  • Track.js Error Reporting
  • MooTools OpenLinks Class – Updated

    A long time back I coded a MooTools class called OpenLinks. The class is quite useful but the code...sucks. I've gotten much better with MooTools over the past years so I thought I'd go back and update the class to be better, faster...

  • AJAX For Evil:  Spyjax with jQuery

    Last year I wrote a popular post titled AJAX For Evil: Spyjax when I described a technique called "Spyjax": Spyjax, as I know it, is taking information from the user’s computer for your own use — specifically their browsing habits. By using CSS and JavaScript, I...

  • Using MooTools Periodicals

    If I were to explain MooTools in a sentence I'd say "MooTools makes common JavaScript tasks exponentially easier and the code more elegant." Dealing with intervals in JavaScript is fairly simple but not so elegant. Here's MooTools's take on setInterval. Basic Function.periodical Usage The above function...

  • Media Temple Hosting
  • Search Type Options with MooTools

    Advanced search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing have discovered the obvious: one type of search isn't good enough. The big search engines offer web search, video search, code search, blog search, image search, and any other type of search you can think of.

  • Confessions Friday

    Over the past two years I've run my Confessions of a Web Developer series.  Each one has been really popular and well-received.  It's Friday and I've had a bad week so today I want you to confess your web development sins in the comment section below. ...