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Preview: Element Queries, From the Feet Up

The following is a guest post by Daniel Buchner on something called Element Queries. If you don't know what that is, you're in for a treat!

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  • PHP WordPress

    Add Menu Items to the WordPress Admin Menu

    The existing menus in WordPress are solid but one annoyance is that I need to click "All Posts" and then the "Drafts" link to get to my drafts; I simply want to get there as quickly as possible via the Posts menu. I did some quick research on the topic and in two minutes I was able to add a "Drafts" submenu item to the "Posts" menu. Here's how I did it!

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  • Blog

    Try Treehouse!

    Treehouse has been a mainstay of web learning for a few years now and I'm amazed at how they've grown.  You'd expect them to teach basic stuff like web design and JavaScript, but they've moved on to broader but important topics like jQuery, DNS, and entrepreneurship.  Treehouse doesn't just get you started in web development, they try to encompass the entire web development and admin sphere.  The only thing missing are the fire drills you experience those first few years on the job!  I thought I'd put together a list of reasons to try Treehouse, even for the biggest skeptics in you!

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  • CSS JavaScript

    Stylus PX to REM Mixin

    The REM unit is the hottest thing since Christina Ricci ... it's hot.  And it's especially hot when it comes to font size.  Rather than paraphrase a bunch of documentation as to why REM is important, I'd like to point you to Jonathan Snook's outstanding Font sizing with rem post, where he explains sizing with PX, EM, and how REM comes into the picture.  Here's how I implemented REM sizing within Stylus with a PX fallback!

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  • AJAX jQuery

    jQuery: Multiple AJAX and JSON Requests, One Callback

    I've been working on a new feature for the Mozilla Developer Network which requires loading of a basic script file as well as a JSON stream.  Since we use jQuery, that means a jQuery.getScript and a jQuery.getJSON.  I know those both work asyncronously and return a Deferred, so I wondered if there was a way that I could load them in parallel with one callback, much the way JavaScript loaders like curljs do.  I was in luck!  Using jQuery.when, I can load both requests concurrently with one callback!

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