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jQuery: Multiple AJAX and JSON Requests, One Callback

I've been working on a new feature for the Mozilla Developer Network which requires loading of a basic script file as well as a JSON stream.  Since we use jQuery, that means a jQuery.getScript and a jQuery.getJSON.  I know those both work asyncronously and return a Deferred, so I wondered if there was a way that I could load them in parallel with one callback, much the way JavaScript loaders like curljs do.  I was in luck!  Using jQuery.when, I can load both requests concurrently with one callback!

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    Write Better JavaScript with Promises

    You've probably heard the talk around the water cooler about how promises are the future. All of the cool kids are using them, but you don't see what makes them so special. Can't you just use a callback? What's the big deal? In this article, we'll look at what promises are and how you can use them to write better JavaScript.

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    Track JavaScript Errors with Google Analytics

    Google Analytics has always been more than a hit counter and demographic tool — you could build a career out of being a Google Analytics analyst.  You can measure ad campaign effectiveness, track how far into a desired page flow (think advertisement to cart to checkout) users get, and set browser and locale support based your user's information.

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    Look Ma, no CMS!

    I hate complexity. And when I say hate I really mean it. When you build websites several years, you start realizing that the simplicity is your best friend. As simple one system is as easy is to develop and maintain it. Nowadays, every user wants to control the content in its online appearance. For me, as a blogger, is important to work with good looking, fast and reliable CMS. The writing is difficult as its own, and if the process is tough the whole experience is not very good.

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