Weekend Links – CSS Developer Confessions, CSS Link Techniques, OnMissingImage, Javscript Versions, MK vs. DC

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Confessions of a CSS Developer

I agree with most of Reinhold Weber's article. His confessions are very "real-world-trying-to-get-paid."


4 Uber Cool CSS Techniques For Links

CSSGlobe drops some linking knowledge. The article provides detailed CSS code for each technique.


HTML OnMissingImage

I had no idea this attribute existed. That said, if you're in a position where you're using this attribute, you may have more problems. <obvious-fake-cough>stop hotlinking!</obvious-fake-cough>


Versions of JavaScript

John Resig clarifies which version of JavaScript is implemented in each browser. Just reading this article makes me appreciate the JavaScript library creators.


Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe Official Trailer

This isn't a video game blog, but I had to mention this. I've always been a HUGE fan of Mortal Kombat and MK was the subject of my first website back in high school. The idea of getting characters from each faction together is really cool and I look forward to playing this.


Recent Features

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    Responsive Images: The Ultimate Guide

    Chances are that any Web designers using our Ghostlab browser testing app, which allows seamless testing across all devices simultaneously, will have worked with responsive design in some shape or form. And as today's websites and devices become ever more varied, a plethora of responsive images...

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    Animated 3D Flipping Menu with CSS

    CSS animations aren't just for basic fades or sliding elements anymore -- CSS animations are capable of much more.  I've showed you how you can create an exploding logo (applied with JavaScript, but all animation is CSS), an animated Photo Stack, a sweet...

Incredible Demos


  1. Great list, David!

  2. Whoa, whoa. A post without mention of MooTools? Does my RSS reader deceive me? No? Gasp!

    Haha, but anyhow. Interesting missing images tag – I can’t see myself using it, but good to know it’s out there.

    As for MK vs. DC… I’m skeptical, but we’ll see how it goes.

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