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On Monday I shared with you my experience with SSLmatic, a provider of cheap SSL certificates. SSLmatic was nice enough to give me five SSL certificates to give away. Four days, one random-PHP-script, and many FTW's later, our winners are:

  • Matt (Jason Lee) - Jason Lee was good 10 years ago but has gone down hill, in my opinion.
  • Fábio M. Costa (Johnny Depp) - I'm a huge Depp fan. I have a framed photo of him in my cube at work...that's not weird, right?
  • Jeremy Parrish (Jim Parsons) - There's no further proof that this choice was random than the fact that I'm allowing someone who gave that name to have a free SSL certificate.
  • Timothy (Tina Fey) - Watched 30 Rock for the first time a few weeks ago and it's been DVR'ing ever since. She's quite a talent.
  • Babatunde Adeyemi (Jason Stathom) - The movie Snatch is unbelievable but ever since this guy's been putting out crap. He went from a manly man to rubbish.

Thank you to everyone that entered!


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  1. Nice, thanks David!

  2. Johnny Depp FTW!

    Having a framed photo of him is very weird!

    Thanks! :P

  3. Jason Stathom’s Lock, Stock and Two smoking barrels is good as well. Everything else is garbage.

  4. Alex

    Congratulations guys, my “Johny Walked FTW” didn’t win for some reason :p

  5. Thanks a great bunch David.

  6. Awesome, thanks a lot David!

    For the record…pre-My Name is Earl Jason Lee – Banky and Brodie FTW!

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