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    Responsive IFRAMEs

    Responsive web design revolutionized the web and spurred a movement away from native apps to web apps easily customizable for a mobile environment.  We use media queries and non-pixel-based dimensions to make responsive design easier; in fact, img { max-width: 100% } is one of my favorite...

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    React Emoji Picker

    When emojis first hit the web scene I rolled my eyes -- they seemed like a lame communication method for giggling kids.  After years more experience working remotely, managing open source communities, and communicating with people that may not get my sense of humor, I've realized...

  • By the Total Team Management Tool

    Whether you're a solo freelancer, an open source team, a large company, or a worldwide organization, having a consistent and usable team management tool is the difference between a well oiled machine and chaos.  Managing people, projects, tasks, payments...there's always so much going on! 

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    Replace Repeated Characters with JavaScript

    URLs can be tricky to work with because they can be more complicated than the traditional URL format you type in.  I was again reminded of this when I was parsing Webpack URLs when I saw this beauty: I parsed the URL with new URL("....") but saw that...

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    Script & Style Show: Episode 19: Firefox Privacy and Security with Luke Crouch

    On this week's episode:  Todd co-hosts the show with the threat of killer bees invading his home despite David's advice to sell his house and seek alternate shelter.  Luke Crouch from Mozilla's Privacy and Security team joins the guys to talk browsing privacy, advertising, tracking, and...

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    With Elementor, You can Design Every Part of a WordPress Website Without Writing a Line of Code

    Have you ever tried to envision what the definitive WordPress website builder would look like? It might bear some resemblance to products currently on the market except it would have much more to offer. That was exactly the Elementor team's thinking when they set...

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    Script & Style Show: Episode 18: JavaScript Date and TC39 with Maggie Pint

    In this week's episode:  Todd discusses his self-imposed ban from Twitter while David tries to fathom a day without feeling the importance of people liking his pithy tweets.  The episode is saved by Maggie Pint, a Microsoft open source guru who also happens to be a...

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    Create gists from Command Line

    One of the best ways to gain contributors for your open source project is by providing a rough patch for the contributor to start from.  One of the best ways to ask for help is by providing what you have so far and letting a mentor...

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    Get and Set Volume with JavaScript

    The <audio> and <video> tags provide a wealth more functionality than most people know. For instance, did you know that you could detect supported video formats and audio formats using a few JavaScript tricks?  It got me to thinking about the possibilities of detecting system volume...

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    Array Destructuring

    Destructuring has become a major language feature in JavaScript, most prominently seen with imports, but also in function declarations and so on.  While object literals are the usual case for destructuring, remember that you can also destructure Arrays and Sets. Let's have a look at how...