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Within the last month, I've created two popular SEO tools: Google Grabber and Yahoo Grabber. Each grabber goes to the respective website and retrieves the number of pages a specified domain has indexed in the search engine. Having the indexed number of pages so quickly and easily is invaluable and a great sales tool.

Though MSN Live Search isn't a powerhouse search engine / portal, I thought I'd throw in the effort to put one together for Microsoft's search engine.

The PHP Code

/* return result number */
function get_msn_results($domain = '')
	// get the result content
	$content = file_get_contents(''.$domain);

	// parse to get results
	$pages = get_match('/id="count">(.*)</span>/isU',$content);

	//explode, get rid of "of"
	$pages = explode('of ',$pages);

	$return['pages'] = $pages[1] ? $pages[1] : 0;

	// return result
	return $return;

/* helper: does the regex */
function get_match($regex,$content)
	return $matches[1];

The Usage

$domains = array('','','','','','');
foreach($domains as $domain)
	$result = get_msn_results($domain);
	echo $domain,': ',$result['pages'],'<br />';

// 431
// 9,610,000
// 28,100,000
// 17,100,000
// 138,000
// 0

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  1. Interesting that MSN turns up significantly more results for all my websites than Google does. Good work, David!

  2. I noticed that too Eric. MSN always turns up a whoooooole lot more than Goooooooogle.

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