Google Grabber — Using PHP to Find Out How Many Pages Your Domain Has Listed in Google

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Most bloggers make an effort to get as many pages listed on Google as possible. Benefits of being listed in Google may include:

  • Increased blog visits
  • Increased ad clicks
  • Broadened visitors / audience
  • Increased article comments
  • Increased referral revenues

Using a short amount of PHP code, you can query Google to retrieve the number of pages your domain has listed in Google.

The Code

/* return result number */
function get_google_results($domain = '')
	// get the result content
	$content = file_get_contents(''.$domain);

	// parse to get results
	$result = get_match('/Results <b>(.*)from/isU',$content);

	// split the results
	$split1 = explode('of about',$result);

	// return result
	return $split1[1] ? strip_tags($split1[1]) : 0;

/* helper: does the regex */
function get_match($regex,$content)
	return $matches[1];

The Usage

/* do it! */
echo ' '.get_google_results(''); // 164
echo ' '.get_google_results(''); // 3,790,000
echo ' '.get_google_results(''); // 19,300,000
echo ' '.get_google_results(''); // 2,180,000
echo ' '.get_google_results(''); // 19,000,000
echo ' '.get_google_results(''); // 484,000
echo ' '.get_google_results(''); // 7,390
echo ' '.get_google_results('some-domain-that-doesnt-exist'); // 0

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  1. Or, you could just register your site with Google Webmaster tools at:

  2. True. I’m not a big fan of Google’s Webmaster Tools. Plus, with my grabber, I can loop through all 100+ customer domains and get the information quicker than navigating through GWT.

  3. Kenny

    Hi, David,

    I don’t know much about php, but your codes seems very usefull, can you tell me how do I put this in action?


  4. I definitely love you … ^^ … thats a quick way :-).

  5. kenny

    Hi, David,

    How do i put it in action please?

    thank you.

  6. Concerned...

    Just a quick one as I stumbled over this whilst looking around…

    You do realise that this may count as using the Google servers/services in an automated fashion – which would be against G’s Terms of Service?

  7. Tope

    This script does not work again. Google as change their result format. PLEASE, update.

  8. To get it WORKING again:

    change the last three lines with these:

    // parse to get results
    $result = get_match(‘/About (.*) results/i’,$content);

    // split the results
    $split1 = explode(‘ ‘,$result);

    // return result
    return $split1[0] ? strip_tags($split1[0]) : 0;

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  10. I can get result if i give any url.
    But i want to search links so i am passing
    How to get that number ?

  11. View source code from opera miniserver:source

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