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When I first created this blog, I used Google AdSense as my advertising avenue.  It was horrible -- no one ever clicked on ads and, simply put, there seems to be no real money in using that service.  I graduated on to managing my own ads, but I ended up wasting so much time finding advertisers, managing dates, and trying to collect money, that showing ads was more of a hassle than it was worth.  Then along came BuySellAds.

BuySellAds has been the perfect answer for my blog's advertising needs.  All I needed to do was sign up, create my ad zones, throw some JS and HTML in the proper spots of my blog theme, and done.  No soliciting advertisers.  No need to manage expiration dates.  No pleading for payment from said advertisers.  BuySellAds manages all of that, and since so many great websites use BuySellAds, their website provides a great hub for advertisers to go to, find relevant sites, and target their ads accordingly.  BSA's a win/win for everyone and I would recommend BSA to both new and experienced bloggers!

As part of my relaunch, BuySellAds, a big support of David Walsh Blog, is giving away a $250 advertisement credit so a reader of this blog.  If you followed this blog during my Google Wave Invite Giveaway or Google+ Invite Giveaway, you know that entering can't be as easy as just submitting your email for a drawing.  No way, too easy.

For a chance to win a $250 BSA ad credit, submit a comment with a link to your favorite David Walsh Blog post.  Be sure to use your real email address.  You don't need to be a business owner to want this credit -- you could use it to advertise for your blog or cause, on this blog or any other blog that uses BuySellAds!

Good luck!

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