Whitelisting: You Set The Rules For Security

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We all know what blacklisting is when it comes to strings: removing specified "bad" characters. While this helps to secure user input, it isn't as secure as whitelisting. Whitelisting is the process of saying "Let me tell you what you can give me" whereas blacklisting says "If I find this, I'll remove it."

A customer recently asked that I create a whitelisting function that allowed letters, digits, whitespace characters, periods, commas, and dashes. Any other characters were to be replaced with spaces.


function make_valid($input) 
	return preg_replace('/[^A-Za-z0-9.,\(\)\s-]/',' ',$input); 

The above function uses preg_match() and a small regular expression to remove the rubbish characters.

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  1. Your way for whitelisting is quite nice. It’s like in Flash where you can specify exactly what characters are allowed by the user.
    This method may work well as a common security filter that replaces get_magic_quotes_gpc(), strip_tags() and htmlentities().
    Good work as usual!

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