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For those of you that don't know who Walmart is, Walmart is one of the richest corporations in the world. Though their treatment of employees isn't reputable, the store itself is an absolute American powerhouse of a company. Their website is pretty good so I took a look at the source code and look at what I found:

The above script from Dynamic Drive creates the following menu:

Sweet! A definite win for the little man!

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  1. I think this is walmart cutting costs by using free scripts, but Im glad they kept the legal notice.

  2. KRod


    So what? I use free open source scripts to cut costs, why shouldn’t walmart? They wouldn’t be one of the most successful companies in the world if they weren’t actively looking to cut costs.

    Also, the more they cut costs the cheaper their goods are. And for my sake I hope their goods remain as cheap as they currently are.

    Good job Walmart

  3. Go Walmart! It’s nice to see that they are…how should we say…down to earth? Meaning that they don’t just “call up the web designer guru” to code something for them, they go and use one of the great resources on the net. I love Walmart!

  4. Would have been nicer to see them use something like Suckerfish dropdowns. The menu would have been in a ul, javascript overhead would have been small, etc.

  5. Pedro Varadero

    Cmon !!! Walmart have enough money to buy the third of the earth and they use free script.

    Walmart is a thief !!! I pround to not be a american

  6. Ummmm…..I’m not voting for Pedro here.

  7. KRod


    They have enough money to buy a third of the earth because they offer great products at very good prices. The way they offer those great prices is by keeping costs low (and by underpaying their staff, admittedly). Sure they could have called a web developer to make a drop down menu. And sure that web developer would have charged them about 15k, I know I would. But they didn’t and they saved money. It’s called running a business.

  8. Well, you guys should be praising the guy who made the website not walmart.

  9. I was happy for the person that wrote it. Imagine seeing your code on the website of one of the biggest companies in the world. That would be sweet.

  10. Torki

    Why do some people here blame Walmart? I’m sure no one of the managers there ever heared of Dynamic Drive. Walmart just paid big $$$ to a webdesign company to create their store and THIS company build it using free scripts to raise THEIR profits (which is absolutely okay IMHO).

  11. Walmart is pretty evil, but Dynamic Drive kicks some major ass. I call this grudge match a draw.

  12. kaske

    Who cares about whether it paid for the menu or took it for free?
    It’s a machine, without feelings, mercy or justice. The problem lies in the capitalistic monetary system, not in a moral judgment.
    And if I was a developer that created the menu, I couldn’t care less if a corporation like Walmart used it. It’s too TRIVIAL to think about.

  13. Mohamed

    Thanks David for the interesting finding.
    Problem with Walmart using the open sources is this:

    If Walmart with all the resources and money is not paying for development, i don’t know who will?
    Its important to keep the value of development up or any other industry for that matter.
    Besides, Walmart pays their employees barely above the minimum wage and sell/buy bulk.
    I mean they’re the masters of cutting costs and they can’t spend in on their sites & developers.
    I mean, the trend now days is cut works, cut costs all over the place but pay CEO or higher kats millions.
    Its bad trend i tell ya.

  14. KRod

    And it is because of the CEO’s leadership and decisions that the company is one of the most successful in the world. The CEO is ALWAYS on call, does not take real vacations, has immense stress put on him. Hence the reason the CEO makes millions.

    It’s not easy being a CEO, usually two straight quarters of profit loss equals getting the axe and a tarnished reputation as a leader.

    Wal Mart makes millions of investors rich, makes shopping affordable for billions of people, and was totally awesome during the horrible Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. So STFU about how horrible Wal Mart is for using a free script. God Damn Whiners.

  15. kaske

    @KRod I bet they sent a free package to Iraqi children too… Why does everybody thinks that America is the only problem / solution of the World, God d..n it?!

    Wal Mart makes millions of investors rich, makes shopping affordable for billions of people, and was totally awesome during the horrible Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. <
    – WTF? WHICH investors? WHICH people? WHICH accident?

    Unplug your head from your a.s ASAP, PLEASE.

  16. KRod

    I’m not American and I don’t believe that America is the only problem / solution in the world.
    I’ve made a lot of money with my shares of Wal Mart (not millions, lol )
    I’ve saved a lot of money shopping at my local Wal Mart (or ASDA as it is called in the UK)
    During Hurricane Katrina the CEO of Wal Mart told the stores managers in New Orleans that they had 100% decision making power and “to do what is right”. As a result many managers broke into the stores and supplied food, water and medication to those in need without any repercussions from Corporate later. In fact Wal Mart was the first to supply aid supplies…even before the US Government.

    I don’t know what an a.s is but I’m pretty sure my head is not plugged into one.

  17. kaske

    Ok, so today I give you 10 000 dollars and then I take a 10 dollars a day for the rest of your life. Politics, Marketing, etc. Spare me the moral story.
    The point:

    kaske: “And if I was a developer
    that created the menu, I couldn’t care
    less if a corporation like Walmart
    used it. It’s too TRIVIAL to think

    It doesn’t matter if you’re American or not, you act like (average) one.

  18. We’re getting off topic here. The original point of my article was that it’s cool that Walmart, the biggest retail outlet in the world, is using a random hacker’s code. I’d be flattered.

  19. KRod

    You’re right David. Sorry.

    It is really cool.

    I don’t get why people on the internet are so angry though.

  20. kaske

    Sorry for my a bit aggressive discussion, it definitely hit my “sweet” spot.
    Please, do not feel insulted.

    I understand, but I simply don’t think the issue is that simple.

  21. Uhhh, if I had written the code I’d feel pretty honoured. Wal Mart is a great company, and all the hate for it is B.S. They are epitomizing the Capitalist, Free Market society in which they were born, and for that I commend them.

    Wal Mart knows good business and what’s good when they see it – and the fact that they’re using some “nobody”‘s code, is awesome.

  22. glo

    walmart has THE worst website, slow, freezes up, a nightmare for the regular shopper. I always give up in frustration and usually end up taking my business elsewhere. Their website is a NIGHTMARE.

  23. j s

    Walmart’s IT personnel are very much like soldiers as to how they handle information- they are sworn to protect it with their lives, as if it was SCI!

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