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Velocity Conference

A few months back, O'Reilly gave me two free tickets to give away  for Velocity Conference in Santa Clara.  The chosen two reported back to me that the conference was incredible, as did a Mozilla colleague that quickly came back and implemented a bunch of speed updates for the Mozilla Marketplace.   Well, you're all in luck -- O'Reilly has given me four (!) tickets to give away over the weeks leading up to the next Velocity Conference in New York from September 15-17.

You know the deal -- I can't just, you know, give you a ticket for a lame comment.  In the interest of teaching something through this giveaway, I'd like you to post a link to an article you've read recently that taught you something brilliant for the front end.  CSS, JavaScript, HTML5, WebGL, Canvas, whatever -- share a link to an article that others will learn from.

If you don't want to risk not winning and simply want to save some cash on the conference, click here and use promo code AFF20.  Good luck!

As always, remember to provide a real email address in case you're the lucky winner.

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  1. Dario Garcia Moya

    Casually, I readed this article about the myth that responsive web design is the silve bullet for web design. Very interesting.

    Hope you like it.

  2. Showing off a tool to measure your frontend performance using grunt and phantomas.

  3. I watched this Google I/O video and I was amazed at the declarative nature that services can be used in the future with Custom Elements. So much so that I’m using Polymer in an admin interface right now and will be shipping in an app here in the near future as well. Here is the video,

  4. This is a pretty old article, but I needed a parallax effect, but I did not want to load an entire library, so, this helped me–net-27641

  5. This one is great because this is a conversation I keep having with the decision makers at my company.
    The Principles of Adaptive Design by Brad Frost.

  6. A great article on responsive design and prioritizing mobile load time in addition to making sure the page renders correctly.

  7. I’ve been into AngularJS for a while now, I came across an article on year of moo on Angular animations. It’s a little older but a super awesome in-depth look at doing animations specifically with Angular. Kind of blew my mind with the possibilities.

    And this one that just came out the other day is along the same lines, but more of a one-off guide to nested animations in Angular.

  8. Gordon Tucker

    I read this article from Luke Wroblewski recently explaining some of the downsides of dropdowns and found it to be pretty interesting and informative.

  9. Not exactly front-end but still very interesting

  10. Intro to reactive programming

  11. Justin Hunter

    I love CSS and the web, but I keep seeing articles about how the web is going to be doomed by native apps. This article gives hope to the web and suggests ways in which the web can compete in terms of functionality with native apps. From the CSS man himself:

  12. Gerson Mejia

    The best article you’ll see all day :)

    Myth Busting: CSS Animations vs JavaScript

  13. Talking about flux architecture since it is such a hot topic right now.

  14. Sergio Cruz

    How to generate code coverage reports for your AngularJS tests:

  15. Hrvoje

    Great article to get started with SVG –

  16. The future building blocks of UI in the browser:

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