Poll: What’s Your Preferred Browser?

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A developer's preferred browser is almost as sacred as a developer's text editor of choice. Getting to know a browser allows the developer to program more efficiently, find resources more quickly, and enjoy the web more than the average user. I'd like to know which browser you prefer and, more importantly, why? Please vote and explain your preference in the comments section below.

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  1. I use Firefox for every day internet use but use Chrome for Javascript and AJAX heavy applications (like google mail, calendar etc) because of it’s faster JS engine.

    Although safari will be winging it’s way onto the list also due to my iPhone.

  2. Google Chrome to surf the web

    Firefox for web developpement :)

  3. I’m using Firefox all day long at work. As I work as a web developer in a Linux (Ubuntu) environment. Also there is no better developing tool than firebug. At least for me.
    I’m looking forward to FF3.1.

    Chrome is nice too.

  4. @thomasd I agree, Firebug is a complete must have, it’s always the first plugin to be installed to a fresh copy of firefox!

  5. Firefox due to Firebug. Otherwise, Safari.

  6. SLVK

    Firefox for web development. Been using Chrome at work, for surfing, and really like that. Waiting for the osx-version to show up…

  7. Firefox is going to win this poll, and it’s all because of Firebug. The availability of free, useful add-ons makes Firefox an irreplacable tool in the developer’s kit. Pederick’s toolbar and UserAgent switcher are also invaluable. Every developer has their own preferred collection of dev add-ons for FF, and those are mine.

    For surfing, I use IE7 and I keep all my important cookies and Favorites there.

    I don’t do regular surfing in Firefox, because I’m constantly clearing the cache and cookies in Firefox because it’s my “dev” browser. And since I develop my own add-ons, I’m often screwing with the XUL and stuff, so Firefox is a volatile place to keep my faves and auth creds.

    And strangely enough I have Windows mapped with certain extensions to Chrome and Chrome as my default browser, so links I get via IM and email open up in Chrome. Strange but true.

    I haven’t used Opera in years. I used to test sites on it, but it’s off my radar. Sorry Opera, you do make an excellent browser, but I’m just not that into you.

    Safari isn’t even installed (I don’t have a Mac.)

  8. Tom

    I use Opera for development, but test in most browser. Firefox I use only for testing layouts and because of httpWatch and YSlow to optimize speed (also SmushIt in a lesser degree).

  9. Björn

    Opera for all my surfing and Firefox + Firebug for web development.

    I love Opera and have been using it since it went free a couple years ago. It always seems like they have good features a bit earlier than the competition – mouse gestures and speed dial both come to mind and rock!

  10. I think you should use one browser for both webdesign and browsing.

    Firefox is great, I’m using it (for now) because of firebug and greasemonkey. I have problems with these firefox memory allocation issues and tried a lot to fix this! I’m also looking forward for something in that area in 3.1.

    Otherwise I prefer Google Chrome. It has great and clever base. It’s also js fast ( as i see ff 3.1 will be faster ). Why I don’t use it?
    There is no community support for a lot of plugins. I miss StumbleUpon, Firebug, Weather plugins and more and more.

  11. I use Firefox for web develops and surf. In addition Firefox have usefull plugins Firebug, ColorZilla, Greasemonkey etc. Because of this i voted Mozilla Firefox. (However, Firefox don’t support some Css3 attributes but i think early time it worked for this functions)

  12. All of my main usage is in Safari. I just like the “feel” of it better. It loads fast, syncs to MobileMe for my iPhone, I’ve got auto-complete on, and with the plugins Glims and Clicktoflash, it has the features I need.

    For web design, I use Firefox because of Firebug. Safari does have a Web Inspector, which you have to enabled in Safari’s preferences, and it can be opened from the Develop menu or from right- or control-clicking on the page and selecting “Inspect Element”. It works ok for when I’m surfing around and want to take a peek at the code, but I like Firebugs implementation better. BUT I hear that the WebKit nightly builds have a new version of the Web Inspector that seems nifty.

  13. cssProdigy

    who voted for Internet Explorer?

  14. As soon as Roboform is available for Chrome, I’m switching. Until then, it’s Firefox.

  15. Camino to surf the web.

    Firefox for web development.

  16. I prefer to use Firefox, but have switched to Chrome mainly for it’s memory controlling capabilities. I really love the separate process per tab/window.

    I develop on Firefox though.

  17. I think it is obvious Firefox would be the first.

    Nevertheless it’s interresting to see the progression of Google Chrome! (again, for a community of web developpers).
    What about a ‘normal’ audience?

  18. Firefox. But like others have said, it’s mainly only because of Firebug + adblock etc.

    Chrome and Safari renders the page a bit faster for me, and the rendering is somehow “prettier” aswell.

  19. Anshul

    Opera most of the times. Main reasons:
    1. Inbuilt mail client with super quick search
    2. Inbuilt RSS reader with reading pane (outlook style)
    3. Speed Dial (Borrowed by Chrome and now available in FF thru Google Toolbar)

  20. For development I usually use Firefox for the firebug extension.

  21. Paul Fraser

    Don’t fob us off with a poll just because your ill! We want to see new codes! GOD DAM!

  22. Rodney

    I like Firefox for it’s functionality, Chrome for it’s speed and Opera for a little bit of both worlds. At the moment using Firefox, but I find myself using Chrome more and more. If I could scroll with the middle mouse button I would probably use Chrome more, but it’s still not working in Chrome, waiting for the v2 final.

  23. Definitely Firefox. Customization, great support for web languages and functionality.

  24. Seriously. Google chrome to surf the web and firefox for development. I hope just chrome in the future.

  25. Firefox all the way. Plugins rule my life and seriously can you use anything other than FF for web development. My main issue with Chrome has been around since the early days when it would lose my session data after being open for about 6 or more hours straight. I don’t know if it’s been fixed recently but even if it has, I still enjoy my plugins too much to switch, mostly AdBlock for day-in day-out use.

  26. Here is why I switched to Google Chrome from Firefox.

  27. Facundo

    Firebug, YSlow, PixelPerfect, Color Checker, QuickJava, MeasureIt, FlashBlock, SeoQuake, ScreenGrab, GA, FoxyProxy… Too many reasons to choose Firefox for web development.

  28. Firefox for when I’m developing, which is most days, but Chrome for general browsing.

  29. Firefox because of the many awesome addons ;) Chrome is great but need some plugins…

  30. Firefox because of add-ons like Firebug, Web Developer, YSlow, AdBlock Plus and Search Status.

  31. rpflo

    Safari 4 Beta.

    Launches from the dock faster
    Loads pages faster, javascript is faster, effects are smoother
    The interface (click once to place the cursor, twice to select, thank you; pull tabs out of the window; merge all tabs into one window, etc.)
    Indexes my history to Spotlight so I can search for websites I visited from my desktop

    I used to use Firefox for Firebug during development but the new Webkit (Safari 4 beta) has killer developer features so I don’t need firefox at all anymore.

  32. Firefox all the way for web dev. And of late I’ve been using Flock for browsing, feeds and social networks.

  33. Opera FTW!

  34. I like firefox but not all add-ons. A lot of add-ons has problem.

  35. belly

    I use Opera for nearly all my browsing except if I come across a website incompatible with Opera (which is getting rarer and rarer), then I use Firefox and sometimes IE 8.
    Opera the best because:
    > Mail client
    > Brilliant download manager
    > Useful Dragonfly (for web development)
    > Speed Dial (before anyone else)
    > Opera Link
    and so much more.

    Congrats Opera you deserve more recognition than you get!

    Like Firefox as well, especially it’s open source nature.

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