Weekend Links – MooVirtualPano, Syntax Highlighting, Image Crop, PHP Classes, Revision3 Attack

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mooVirtualPano is a nice MooTools plugin for panning across elements with overflow. The site employs questionable cursors....ignore those.


MooTools Syntax Highlighting for Dreamweaver

If you'd like to add the MooTools functions to your trusty Dreamweaver, this forum post shows you how. If you're a jQuery guy, feel free to use this tutorial to highlight jQuery functions.


mooImageCrop - AJAX Image Crop Utility

ArtViper does some great MooTools work. This time they drop image cropping functionality.


30 Useful PHP Classes and Components

Finding a great PHP class can enhance your productivity and improve your application exponentially. I can vouch for many of these classes and look forward to trying out some of the others.


Revision3 CEO: Blackout Cause By MediaDefender Attack

MediaDefender went on the offensive and seemingly DOS'd the Revision3 servers. How dare they! How else will people see my article featured on Diggnation?


Recent Features

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    CSS 3D Folding Animation

    Google Plus provides loads of inspiration for front-end developers, especially when it comes to the CSS and JavaScript wonders they create. Last year I duplicated their incredible PhotoStack effect with both MooTools and pure CSS; this time I'm going to duplicate...

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    CSS Animations Between Media Queries

    CSS animations are right up there with sliced bread. CSS animations are efficient because they can be hardware accelerated, they require no JavaScript overhead, and they are composed of very little CSS code. Quite often we add CSS transforms to elements via CSS during...

Incredible Demos


  1. These resources are quite nice. Especially the PHP Components are very helpful.

    “The site employs questionable cursors….ignore those.” Oh yes. I see an upcoming Web 2.0-trend where websites will have big cursors like that.

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