MooTools Plugins Updates: LazyLoad, LightFace, ScrollSpy, and More!

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What a busy month it's been!  I've spent a good amount of time prepping my Facebook Lightbox clone, LightFace, and working to expand my Dojo Toolkit knowledge.  I thought I'd take a few moments to catch you up on a few of my plugins and some other happenings within the MooTools plugin world.


LightFace continues to take the world by storm.  I've made a few updates to LightFace including:

  • LightFace.Image automatically closes the LightBox when the image is clicked
  • The destroy method has been updated with a few fixes
  • A changelog has been added to record all of these updates

Please continue to file bug reports for LightFace;  I appreciate all of the comments, suggestions, and  bug reports.


LazyLoad, the MooTools plugin that allows you to defer image loading until the user scrolls down/over to it, has been updated for maximum compatibility with MooTools 1.3.  Be sure to update LazyLoad on your website!


ScrollSpy has been updated to coincide with MooTools best practices:  adding a method by which you can start and stop the spy, thus remove an event once it's no longer needed.  This update was long overdue so be sure to update ScrollSpy when you get a moment.  All other functionality remains as it should.

Plugin Updates

If you aren't doing so already, you can follow me on Twitter to stay up to date with all plugin updates as I generally tweet as soon as one is updated.  MooTools FTW!

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  1. Nice info David, I used scrollspy for now on.

  2. i hope after the update lazyload starts working on my blog, i have installed and activated it but its not working for some unknown reason.

    • try @ my lazyload..^^V

  3. Cliff

    I was using Lightface to create some dialog fields. I noticed that each call created a new Lightface object but only the first object’s elements were easily accessible – so entering different parameters in subsequent boxes had no effect. The solution was to use the destroy() function rather than the close() function. That is not obvious from the examples and documentation.

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