Sizzle and Peppy Selector Engines in MooTools

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A few weeks back I touched on how you could implement the Peppy and Sizzle selector engines in MooTools. Both posts showed how to remove the default Moo engine from use and instead make each respective selector engine the one and only. It doesn't have to be that way. You could use all three engines within the page as well.

Peppy, Sizzle, and Moo Together

//assuming that the JavaScript files we brought in via simple XHTML above...

/* MooTools */
var divs = $$('div');

/* Sizzle */
Window.$Sizzle = function(selector){
	return new Elements(new Sizzle(selector));
//sizzle usage
var divs = $Sizzle('div');

/* Peppy */
Window.$Peppy = function(selector){
	return new Elements(new peppy.query(selector));
//Peppy usage
var divs = $Peppy('div');

Why do this? Each engine has its advantages. Sizzle generally does better with Internet Explorer so if you detect that the user is using IE, you may want to use Sizzle to grab the elements instead.

In most cases the overhead of bringing in each engine makes this strategy overkill. It's definitely an option though.

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  1. Is there any REAL and REAL-WORLD benefit to actually do this or include one of the other selector engines? Does one get the performance from Sizzle when just using its selector engine? .. :f

    Great shit though David. :)

  2. I can’t wait to test sizzle. Where can I get a break down of each engine’s benefits?

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