Peppy and MooTools

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This post has been updated after more tinkering and testing.

A while back James Donaghue boasted his new selector engine Peppy. Lets say for giggles that we wanted to use MooTools and Peppy together. Here's how I got things to work.

The JavaScript

//sets peppy as the default engine
Window.$$ = function(selector){
	return new Elements(new peppy.query(selector));
//get elements
window.addEvent('domready',function() {
	$$('div').each(function(el) { // straight cash homey

I have no idea why you'd want to do this; MooTools' selector engine is rock solid. I was simply playing around and wanted to show you what I came up with.

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  1. cssProdigy

    Awesome! I’ve been waiting for this. The Peppy selector engine is really faster, and in some tests faster than Sizzle, I thought sizzle might make it’s way to MooTools but Peppy’s better ayway.

  2. carl

    Have you even looked at the source of Peppy? I find it quite funny to compare it to Mootools or Sizzle, it’s not on the same level at all. For example binding DOM mutation events for caching slows down every DOM operation a lot! Way much more than the gain of the faster queries. It gets even the attribute getter wrong: e.getAttribute( a ) || e[a]; It’s good that it’s small but there’s a lot of space for improvements, so to say.

  3. I’m not saying that I believe Peppy is better — quite frankly, it’s not. I just wanted to show you what I had at the end of my experimenting. Hell, I wouldn’t even say that this is quality. It’s not, quite honestly, but it worked.

  4. Ryan

    Hey guys,

    You can also use John Resig’s Sizzle in MooTools, by using this code:

    Window.$$ = function(selector){
        return new Elements(new Sizzle(selector));

    This overwrites the $$ function, but you can rename it to whatever you want, obviously.

  5. @Ryan: You stole my upcoming blog article! :) Thanks for the submission!

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