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Whether you're a solo freelancer, an open source team, a large company, or a worldwide organization, having a consistent and usable team management tool is the difference between a well oiled machine and chaos.  Managing people, projects, tasks, payments...there's always so much going on! has the perfect team management tool: easy to use, all-encompassing, flexible, and ready for you to try out today!

"We are determined to bring the quality and ease of use typically reserved for consumer products to the enterprise. To effectively change how teams work, they must actually love the tools they use and that is our goal in building We continue to see incredible results from the change the platform inspires in the workplace and the widespread cross team adoption as a result."

Roy Mann, CEO

Quick Hits

  • is a complete team management tool
  • works for a freelance team of two up to a worldwide organization
  • features an elegant, easy to use interface
  • isn't just for tech companies; the intuitive design, uniquely flexibly structure and exceptional scalability has driven widespread appeal across over 200 business verticals, from tech-savvy to non-tech savvy alike.
  • provides useful UI elements as well as integration APIs
  • With offices in Tel Aviv and New York,'s tool is fully customizable to suit any business vertical around the world, from over 140 countries.
  • currently has over 35,000 teams, from startups to Fortune 500 companies, including Discovery Channel, Wix, NBC, McDonalds, and Uber is a team management platform designed to connect people to processes while creating an environment of transparency in business. As a web-based SaaS company, facilitates a more efficient and intuitive way to manage teams and entire operations.

Much of the management is done via "boards" which are created from customizable templates to best manage their respective topics:

Every member of the organization benefits from these templates: project managers, engineers, social media managers, HR persons, marketing team members and so on --'s infrastructure ties people together with tasks and statuses, regardless of where in the organization they work.  And since the templates are so easy to manage and are flexible in creation, each board is to the point and easy to read.

Notable board templates include:

  • Scrum sprint planning
  • Blogging planning
  • Job recruitment
  • Social media schedule
  • Sales tasks
  • Office operations

Notable other features:

  • Integrations:  Excel, Trello, Google Calendar, Dropbox, Google Drive, Slack, and ore
  • Security:  Require 2FA and manage user permissions
  • APIs:  Automate numerous boards and tasks via a powerful API
  • Mobile Apps:  Use from any device
  • Alerts:  Get desktop alerts for one of many events

New Features! recently launched three transformational new product offerings today that will further expand the platform’s ability to manage the core of any business and eliminate silos in the workplace. The new features will enable users to further customize the perfect workflow for their team without an arduous development process.


  • The Column Center: An addition of 15 new functionalities to the essential structure of the platform that facilitate any sort of data input such as time tracking, creation log, location views, and more
  • Board Views: A new way for teams to visualize, understand and extract data from the platform, all while increasing engagement
  • Stories: A community of users where use cases and best practices can be shared across over 200 business verticals

With's ability to move quickly due to a solid infrastructure, they're able to quickly implement new features!

I'm usually pretty suspect about team management tools because many of them try to do too much; seems to have perfected the right mix of features while doing them all really well, with awesome user experience and a customization abilities.  I was blown away by the capabilities of; give them a look today!

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