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One of my favorite interview questions is "how do you stay current on emerging front-end techniques and APIs?"  I always get the standard "blogs" and "RSS" answers but rarely do I ever hear "from gurus on Twitter."  I find that strange because I learn loads from Twitter, especially when it comes to CSS, because a tiny snippet can do something really neat.

I had heard CSS mix-blend-mode was something awesome but this blew my mind:

Essentially, using mix-blend-mode: multiply; on an image with white background would turn that white into a level of opacity as though the image were a .png with opacity.  Whoa!  I created a demo here:

What an awesome bit of CSS!  Thanks to Wes Bos for the heads up on this nifty CSS feature!

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  1. zakius

    you know why twitter is bad source? cause it’s just like any channel throwing everything in single place: you’ll miss many important things, twitter is meant for things that are important only in a given moment, not for sharing knowledge

  2. Florian Reuschel

    Holy moly, this is amazing. Didn’t know that’s possible at all even if I always wished for this feature.
    Well, I learn stuff like that from sites like this. Thanks! :)

  3. Heather

    I wanted to use this on a recent website I made to save the client uploading heavy PNGs. But it doesn’t work in Edge or IE so had to remove it :(

    • I usually save between 50-80% of filesize by using http://tinypng.com to optimize my pngs. You should give it a go, it works wonders.

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