Todd Gardner Tutorials

    Todd H Gardner is the president and co-founder of TrackJS, an error monitoring service for modern JavaScript applications. With over a decade of experience building web applications for large enterprises and startups, Todd has seen how the web fails.

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    How Hacker News Crushed David Walsh Blog

    Earlier this month, David’s heartfelt posting about leaving Mozilla made the front page of Hacker News. Traffic increased by 800% to his already-busy website, which slowed and eventually failed under the pressure. Request Metrics monitors performance and uptime for David’s blog, and our metrics...

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    Vital Web Performance

    I hate slow websites. They are annoying to use and frustrating to work on. But what does it mean to be “slow”? It used to be waiting for document load. Then waiting for page ready. But with so many asynchronous patterns in use today, how do...

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    How to Debug Remote Browsers

    It's super frustrating when bugs pop up only in a remote browser. Something about that user, that device, or that environment is different, but I don't know what! And of course, I can't recreate it on my local development machine. The team at TrackJS...

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    Adding Search to Your Site with JavaScript

    Static website generators like Gatsby and Jekyll are popular because they allow the creation of complex, templated pages that can be hosted anywhere. But the awesome simplicity of website generators is also limiting. Search is particularly hard. How do you allow users to search...

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    Building Animated SVG Banners

    I've been reading David Walsh's blog for years. The tips and tutorials he shares have helped me fix a lot of problems. I love that I get to support him now by advertising TrackJS on his site. Plus, I get a chance to build...

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    Five JavaScript Errors That Attack Without Warning

    "The Web is the most hostile software engineering environment imaginable." — Douglas Crockford We run web applications in a hostile environment. With each page-view, our JavaScript is deployed over an unpredictable network into a browser that we do not control. It's scary, but we've broken down five JavaScript...