3 Great Ways to Monetize Content

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Monetizing content on the web usually boils down to one thing: advertisements. The problem with adding advertisements to your website, especially from the popular ad services, is that they can be slow and they certainly don't protect user privacy. That's where alternative monetizing opportunities come into play.

Let's take a quick look at a few alternative ways that bloggers, streamers, and writers can get paid for their work!


Coil is a new subscription service which promotes the web's best content to its readers and rewards content creators via the Web Monetization standard which has been proposed with the W3C. Coil believes in rewarding content creators without the need for ads that invade your users' privacy!

After creating an account at Coil, you next create a "payment pointer" which is essentially a digital wallet address. The payment pointer will then go into your webpage as a META tag; it will look something like:

<meta name="monetization" content="$ilp.uphold.com/gaE8U7Wm7Uhh">

Coil pays $0.36 for every hour a Coil Member spends on your content. Coil sends micropayments roughly every second for each visiting member. Every day I can go into my account and see how much I earned that day. It's been very fruitful for this blog! You can also hook Coil up to your YouTube, Twitch, and Imgur accounts!

Note: I've made thousands of dollars over the past year with Coil, at no cost to my users!

Brave Publishers

The Brave web browser blocks advertisements from the webs's largest to smallest ad scripts, which protects user privacy but can hurt content creators who rely on ad revenue. Brave Publishers is a program from the Brave browser that allows creators to automatically get paid by Brave browser users each time they visit your property.

Payments come in the form of $BAT cryptocurrency, which you can transfer to a crypto marketplace like Coinbase. Brave allows you to monetize a host of different content properties like YouTube, GitHub, Twitter, and more. It's easy to earn with Brave!

Note: I've made hundreds of dollars over the past year with Brave Publishers, at no cost to my users!


More than ever users understand that awesome content comes at the cost of the creator's time. Rather than being bombarded with loads of intrusive ads, let users donate to your website in any variety of ways:

"Donation" is no longer a bad word, and many services provide a "donate" widget that you can place on your website. Use it!

Advertisements have always been the model of payment on the web, and surely they will be for long to come, but it's always to get ahead of the curve. Coil, Brave, and other services are on the user's side, finding unique ways to get content creators paid without gross ads!

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  1. Really cool ideas for monetizing, especially Coil. I will check this one out on my website.

  2. You can also try Flattr (https://flattr.com) – seem to have a similar model to Coil.

  3. Texo

    hi, which payment pointer is most suitable for connecting with paypal and withdraw funds from it to paypal… Thanks, great article.

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