Goals For 2020

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Every new year brings about a sense of optimism that the next 365 can bring about big, positive changes in different phases of life. That's no exception for me and this blog. I did pretty well with last year's goals, so I thought I'd push myself again with a new set of goals.

Be a Big Part of the Firefox Fenix Product Launch

Last November I joined the Fenix project, the next generation Firefox Android browser, at Mozilla. Fenix promises to be Mozilla's largest product launch in 2020, so being a large part of its development would be a great achievement for me. I've needed to learn the Kotlin programming language, the Android development landscape, and various other skills. While I'm a "web guy", I do take pride in being flexible enough to learn another platform. I also want the Fenix team to say "Damn, I wish David could continue on this team" after the launch.

Make a Larger Impact on Firefox DevTools

When my loan to Fenix is complete, I want to come back to Firefox DevTools and make an impact in multiple tools. I've mainly focused on the debugger, though I've achieved on the Network Monitor (resource blocking) and minor improvements to other tools. I'd love to start implementing larger features outside the debugger. Giving back to you, the web developers of the world, still means so much to me -- wish me luck!

Redesign the Blog

I've been aiming to complete this goal since 2017 but this year I really need to accomplish this goal. I've even had a new logo for a year that I haven't been able to release! A new design and code rewrite would allow me to avoid using a JavaScript framework, and I hope to spend more money on optimized delivery. Have suggestions for the redesign? Please let me know!

Get Healthier

I'm not a guy who shoves pizza and candy in his face all day but I'd like to eat healthier and enjoy less beer and wine. Losing 15lbs via more running (I play soccer twice a week and, unfortunately not much else) and weight training will go a long way. I'd also like to cut out alcohol during weekdays and drink more water. Hell, let's add less coffee to the mix!

I also need to eliminate unnecessary stresses in my life. Fantasy football, supporting the Arsenal (VAR is a joke), and other activities can ruin my day or even weekend. I need to simplify so that there are less extreme ups and downs from day to day.

The Little Things

A few smaller goals for this next year:

  • Post more regularly than 2019 -- I feel like I can do better in writing more often if I focus more in 2020. One problem is that I don't feel like people want to learn Kotlin from me, another problem is that I come up with an idea and come to find I wrote about it years ago.
  • Avoid PUBG -- the video game is so addicting and takes my focus away from other things.
  • Be a better husband and father -- I want to maximize focus on making those around me happy. I think some form of depression makes me focus on my own short-term happiness when I'd be better off increasing the happiness of those around me
  • Get outside more often -- Working from home has made me a hermit of sorts, where I don't leave the house some days. I need to enjoy more fresh air, bike rides, and just get some sun.

Have tips for how I can accomplish any of these goals? Any goals you've set for yourself! Please share!

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  1. Haha! PUBG ;) I have the same problem here. Good point to drop it from the new year

  2. Marcus

    I became a father in the middle of 2019 and my life will never be the same. It is not worse but it is indeed very different. Perspectives change a lot.

    Like you said, getting healthier is a priority right now so I can enjoy a long life with my kid.

    However, the most pressing concern right now is how to sleep train my kid so that he sleeps in his own crib. Have you done this David? Any advice?

  3. Damian

    Regarding weight loss, last New Year’s Eve I decided to try intermittent fasting and am happy to report it a success.

    16 hours per day without calories. Black coffee, tea or water is fine.

    I lost 8kg (10% of my weight) this year and it seems to me to be something I can do for the rest of my life which I guess moves it from ‘diet’ to ‘lifestyle change’.

  4. Barry

    I lost 80 lbs. over the course of a year (down from 258) and have kept it off for the following six months. I did the Weight Watchers “Freestyle” program that comes with an app for scanning food barcodes and tracking points. I think it was the gaming aspect of seeing what I could do to min/max points that appealed to me. After a few months I stopped my subscription because I pretty well knew the rules by then.

  5. I think Red colour for re-design will suit best, but it’s up to you. “Get outside more often” for this, I bought a bicycle for my kid and he pushes me almost daily to get out and guide her to learn, so give something to your kid and they will move you outside, they are more excited to get out than us :)

  6. Site redesign, arghhh… I’m right there with you. Planning for the last couple of years. I’d love to know what stack you’re moving to, keeping WordPress, migrating to JAMstack — React/Vue/Svelte?

    Looking forward, peace!

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