Wynq Web Labs

Wynq Web Labs

Wynq Web Labs was founded by David Walsh in 2008. Wynq Web Labs doesn’t design sites but simply improves them using a variety of aggressive, standards-based, and modern web techniques. Wynq Web Labs specializes in front-end development techniques including:

  • HTML5
  • CSS (animations, layouts, design)
  • JavaScript Frameworks (frameworks including jQuery, MooTools, Dojo Toolkit) and vanilla JavaScript
  • Mobile web development
  • AJAX strategies
  • API implementation (Twitter, Facebook, etc.)
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • CMS integration


This blog acts as a showcase and porfolio for my skills and experiences. The Demos section showcases many advanced front-end techniques I’ve created. Much of my work has been done under strict non-disclosure agreements and details about those projects may not be publicly posted.

Ready to Add Dynamism to Your Web Application

Contact Wynq Web Labs with your requests! References and estimates will be given as desired.


  1. Hey David,
    I must say, you’re doing a great job with the community. I wish more developers would spend the time to share such creative and innovative solutions as you have on your site.

    And I mean that with the least amount of ass kissing here. But seriously man, you have saved me about 70% of javascript research time just by going to your site. The implementation is great, and the overall quality is astounding. Great job man, keep it up!

    PS: You should do an article sometime on this ajax loading of your advertisements. document.write is a BITCH when you’re trying to load a file through ajax that contains this horrid js call. I see you’ve found a method around it and I’m going through to figure out how you’re doing it. Either way, it would be an interesting piece at least. OpenX is what I use, and i’ve been trying to find an async solution for a long time… But I think the methods you are using are close!

    Anyways, cheers and keep up the good work man!

  2. I’m with Jonathon here. I really wish I would have said something a long time ago. David, you’ve really helped me out. I hope people continue to thank you, because what you do is greatly appreciate. Thanks, man!

  3. I came across your website looking for a particular solution, and not only did I find it here, but I ended up bookmarking your site so I could implement other examples in future projects! Thank a lot!

  4. Hi David,

    I am newbie in mootools development. I have developed website with mootools and wordpress as content management system. I could not fix some of the coding issues,

    1. I need to develop a custom design scroll bar for the div

    2. I need to show some text over the slideshow image gallery thumb when mouseover.

    3. To make the website compatible with other browsers. ( its working now with IE8, safari, chrome)

    Please let me know if you provide any such service?

    Please have look at the website address mentioned above


  5. Hi David,

    I am a newbie in mootools developement.

    I have developed a website with mootools and wordpress as CMS.

    I am not able to fix some of the mootools coding issues.

    I need an expert’s advice on following

    1. I need to implement the custom designed scrollbar for the div

    2. Images – on mouseover grayout the image and display the image desc over the image

    3. Make the website cross browser compatible .

    Please have look at the test website address mentioned above.

    Please let me know if you provide such services.

    Looking forward to hear from you.


  6. German June 7, 2010

    Hola David, just say thanks from spain, very article you post is more interesting, you are very helpfull, Thanks a lot…

  7. my is Chris Valentine, From Accra Ghana and i am a web developer and a systems engineer for margins Group company basic in Ghana.
    Please i need your notion concerning the web application i want to develop for my company with PHP and MYSql as the database.
    we have their department which will be using this application and this departments consist of ID,Supply and pronto.
    in margins ID, we have management, front-desk person, Technical s, access control, productions, while in Supplies we have customer service person, accountant, management, and logistic.
    In pronto we have the cashier, production, sales.
    i need your concept on how to create all the departments, data-entering, login interface for each department and weekly reporting interface and what ever you feel should be included.
    please physical structure, logical structure and relationship.
    thank you very much i wait to hearing from you.

  8. Great contribute to the community David, I admire your passion my friend!

  9. David Walsh = Legend in the making!

    Keep up the good work and thanks from the UK!! xx

  10. do you build wordpress plugins? i have a wp pluging project idea and i would like to hire some expert like you. mail me.

  11. hey,

    Great work..

  12. Just a few days ago I landed on your blog and am finding everything around here very useful. You know so much! I just graduated with a four-year degree in web development. You are a role model to me. :D

  13. goluhaque August 29, 2011

    Your blog’s cool man. Keep rolling out these posts.

  14. Hey David,

    Keep up your good posts dude. Your site is one of the sources I visit first to find simple but cool effects for my clients’ projects. The code snippets helped save me a lot of time.



  15. Why you have made this ugly mootools framework when there is Jquery is available to work with and also quite popular and powerful i am aslo a web developer and often ran into complicated situation where your mootools conflict with the jquery used or other js code
    Really hate you.

  16. This site looks kind of weird. Text is flowing outside comments, and links are all garbled. Viewing in Chrome on KDE.

  17. Andrei Cantey March 16, 2012

    Greetings David Walsh,

    I hope I do not take too much of your time but could you somehow inform me where I can get a similar Footer Nav menu that you are using?
    The thing that I am mainly interested in is that it drops down to the next line when the page gets smaller. What exact code do you use for that?

    Andrei C.

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