Weekend Links – jQuery Progress Bar, jQuery Kwicks, Bill Gates Email, MooTools Plugins

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jQuery Progress Bar 1.1

This jQuery progress bar is as good as it gets. The progress bar animates to the next step and is very lightweight.


Kwicks 1.5 Released!

Jeremy Martin has released a new version of his jQuery Kwicks plugin. Jeremy's added more options and smoother animations.


An Epic Bill Gates Email Rant

Wow, even Bill Gates dislikes Microsoft-created software.


When to Fire Your Client

There are time when firing a client is necessary. This article explains when, why, and how.


Calling All Plugins

Moo wants you! Send your MooTools plugins to the Moo team!


Recent Features

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    CSS 3D Folding Animation

    Google Plus provides loads of inspiration for front-end developers, especially when it comes to the CSS and JavaScript wonders they create. Last year I duplicated their incredible PhotoStack effect with both MooTools and pure CSS; this time I'm going to duplicate...

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    JavaScript Promise API

    While synchronous code is easier to follow and debug, async is generally better for performance and flexibility. Why "hold up the show" when you can trigger numerous requests at once and then handle them when each is ready?  Promises are becoming a big part of the JavaScript world...

Incredible Demos

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    MooTools 1.3 Browser Object

    MooTools 1.3 was just released and one of the big additions is the Browser object.  The Browser object is very helpful in that not only do you get information about browser type and browser versions, you can gain information about the user's OS, browser plugins, and...

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    Submit Button Enabling

    "Enabling" you ask? Yes. We all know how to disable the submit upon form submission and the reasons for doing so, but what about re-enabling the submit button after an allotted amount of time. After all, what if the user presses the "stop"...


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