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As my first post to BluDice, I feel the need to share my relevance to the blogging spectrum.


Nothing beats experience. Talent is always a great attribute for anyone in any field to have, but in my years of programming, I've run into all kinds of situations. There is never one blanket solution to the many problems you encounter during your time as a programmer (besides quitting, but that's really not an option, is it?). I've combed the internet a time or two looking for solutions to problems I run into. I know that I'm not the only one who's encountered ANY of the problems I've come upon, regardless of language (Javascript, PHP, CSS), medium (domain, hosting, DNS...), or theory. I'd like to save you the time you'd probably spend scouring the internet looking for answers by sharing with you my experiences and solutions.


I wouldn't consider myself or pass myself off as the authority in any part of web development, but I would consider myself to be a code junkie. I mainly work with PHP, MySQL, JavaScript (custom and MooTools), and CSS, but I've also worked with ASP, ColdFusion, .NET, VB, C, C++, JSP/Servlet, and every just about every other language you can think of. I've also been acquainted with hosting, domain, email, DNS, and other web-related areas. I feel more than qualified to provide my two cents and solutions an these areas.


We're still in the infancy of the internet. Now's the time to set the rules for the future and push the boundaries for what the internet is. I'd like to promote pushing the limits of programming make the web better for developers and users. I'd also like to allow my blog visitors to ask me and challenge me to find solutions; better solutions.

Welcome to my blog. I hope you gain something out of it.

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