Script Junkie: MooTools Class Creation and Organization

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My new blog post has debuted on Script Junkie: MooTools Class Creation and Organization!!

As web applications aim to become more dynamic, responsive, and feature-filled, they will inevitably need to include more JavaScript. As the amount of code increases, there is also an increase in the need to keep that code organized, extendable, and maintainable. The MooTools JavaScript framework provides you just that. This post will cover the basics of creating and organizing MooTools classes so that your web application's JavaScript will stay organized and extendable for years to come.

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  1. Excellent tutorial David…

  2. nice entry David! bookmarked!

  3. Fantastic! Thank you

  4. Patric Nordmark

    Ive been reading blogposts from your blog from time to time.
    And I have to say this must be youre best article written so far.

    It really gives a good introduction, and makes people who are familiar with OOP immediately understand that there’s a really good alternative to using jQuery. (nothing against jQuery)
    Something that many developers out there are to lazy to even consider.

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