Get Node.js Command Line Arguments with yargs

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Using command line arguments within Node.js apps is par for the course, especially when you're like me and you use JavaScript to code tasks (instead of bash scripts).  Node.js provides process.argv but that doesn't provide a key: value object like you'd expect:

	$ node myscript.js --key1=value1 --key2=value2
	[ 'node',
	  '--key2=value2' ]

Bleh.  If you want to work with a sane API for command line arguments, use yargs:

// Get the yargs resource
var yargs = require('yargs').argv;

// Check for arguments
if(yargs.someKey === expectedValue) {
	// Do whatever

	yargs = {
		key1: value1
		key2: value2

yargs provides a key:value object for arguments instead of the native process.argv mess.  No hassle, no fuss, just access to command line arguments with a logical API.  Happy noding!

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