Implement MooTools’ Elements.addEvent in jQuery

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One thing that I've always disliked about the jQuery JavaScript framework is its syntax for adding event listeners to elements. The way to add a click event to an element using jQuery is:

$('#myElement').click(function() {
	//do work

I love OOP so the above code tells me that a click is being triggered, not that it's going to add a listener to the element. There's nothing wrong with jQuery using that syntax; I simply don't prefer it. What I do when I need to work with jQuery is Moo-ify its syntax when I can. Here's how you can implement MooTools' "addEvent" syntax in MooTools.

The jQuery JavaScript

jQuery.fn.addEvent = jQuery.fn.bind; //updated

We add the "addEvent" function to the jQuery.fn object. Pretty simple.

The Usage

$(document).ready(function() {
	$('#myElement').addEvent('click',function(){ alert('w00t'); });

Looks a lot like MooTools, no? If you like jQuery's syntax of .click() type events, read my post: Implementing jQuery-Like Event Syntax in MooTools

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  1. More concise :

    jQuery.fn.addEvent = jQuery.fn.bind;

  2. Well put Pierre…well put.

  3. I too prefer verbs like el.setStyle v. el.css. But swapping syntax would totally goof me up!

  4. I don’t get it, why not just use

    $('#myelement').bind('click', function() {...});

    It’s even shorter than ‘addEvent’

  5. I agree with Corey, $().bind is exactly what you’re looking for…

  6. Bo Hunter

    I would have to agree, this is nothing more than an alias.

  7. Mysteriously enough in jQuery version 1.4 I get this:

    $(“#website_stock”).addEvent is not a function

    When I set it as just click(fn) it works in Firefox, but not in IE8. It doesn’t return any errors – just the functions do NOT run whatsoever. Same with the bind() option – works in FF on mac, not on IE8.

  8. Pradeep

    Hi David,
    In this site, the two sides with name older and newer and toggle in-out,how to implement it please send me the complete demo with code if possible.
    Thanks in advance

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