Create an Is.Gd URL Using PHP

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Is.Gd is a URL-shortening service much like TinyURL. Using PHP's cURL library, you can create shortened URLs on the fly with ease.


//gets the data from a URL  
function get_isgd_url($url)  
	//get content
	$ch = curl_init();  
	$timeout = 5;  
	$content = curl_exec($ch);  
	//return the data
	return $content;  

$new_url = get_isgd_url('');

"" is much shorter than "" so if you need the URL to be as short as possible, use this method.

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  1. Chris

    They do supply an API, you know:

  2. Ah, I’m glad you did this. is my URL ‘shortener’ of choice. :)

    I’m looking forward to the re-design too BTW!

  3. ‘’ has an API! :-)

    This URL will return just the shortened URL: (no confirmation message)

  4. Thanks for the tip guys. I’ve adjusted my article accordingly.

  5. hanoi

    Hi, How do you highlight PHP syntax in the example above?

    Could you show me a list of WordPress plugins you are using on this blog?



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