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As programmers we've all had days that don't go well. You found out the hosting provider switched a setting that blows up a customer's website. That piece of code that you swore worked fine yesterdays in now causing you fits. Your coworker accidentally wrote over the code you just finished. We've all been there.

Whenever I'm having a case of the "Mondays," I venture over to Google Code Search. Oh, not to find code I need to speed up the development process. And not to find ideas for blog posts either. I do it for the same reason I bought a new Spanish dictionary every year in high school: to look up cuss words. Perverse yes, but damn fun too.

If you're having a bad day at work or need a break from a tough development issue, waste 10 minutes on Google Code Search and look up four letter words. Take comfort in knowing that thousands of developers have felt the way you do.

Some Favorite Code Comments

/* If you **** with this, update ret_from_syscall code too. */
/* should be treated as *read-only*.  If you change them, you could really **** things up. */
/* all this **** to get the font from Motif?! What the ****? */
/* **** the users, **** them up their stupid ***es */
/* This function doesn't actually check to make sure that 'prev' is in 'db'. You could really **** yourself over with this. */
// -1 == uh, you weren't snooping him, dumb***.
// -2 == stay the **** out.

What fun! And classy too!

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    /* should be treated as *read-only*. If you change them, you could really **** things up. */

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