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As my career progresses, I see more apps and services which try to invade my space.  Notifications, emails, alerts...everyone wants a piece of me.  And I'll level with you:  they drive me mad.  I want the least amount of interruptions as possible and I want the web interactions I do have to be pleasant.  I want to enjoy every tiny piece of my day, which is why I'm so excited to have discovered a new Chrome extension for the Google Art Project.


This awesome Chrome extension shows a piece of classic art when you open a new tab.  You don't see the default search screen and you don't see history tiles -- you see a beautiful piece of artwork.

So why do I love this extension so much?  I've never counted but I'm sure I open at least 50 to 100 new tabs every day, and seeing art upon each new open makes me smile.  Adding beauty in any aspect of life is a plus -- this is one easy way to make yourself smile from time to time.  :)

Recent Features

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Incredible Demos

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    Let's be honest:  even though we all giggle about how cheap of a thrill JavaScript accordions have become on the web, they remain an effective, useful widget.  Lots of content, small amount of space.  Dojo's Dijit library provides an incredibly simply method by which you can...

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  1. I use a plugin called Benchwarmer which does a similar thing but with tiled dribbble shots (most popular, who your following or just the latest)

  2. I chose nature – Momentum ( with beautiful photos, but this plugin looks also interesting.

  3. Another David

    It looks good.
    I want the same add-on in Firefox!

  4. Thanks, it would be interesting to see those work of art on my Chrome, just hope it does not make it too heavy and slow.

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