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I'm a serial view-source guy. When I visit a website, whether it be for research or leisure, I need to know what their HTML looks like. Do they use a CMS? Which one? Is there anything that this developer does that I could in the future? Which JS library do they use? How much JS do they embed within the page instead of the header? Do they use Google Analytics? Dozens of questions come to my mind.

Recently I was looking at the Komodomedia website and decided to check out the source code. Here's the first thing you see:

<title>Komodomedia   » Welcome to the Jungle</title>

// komodomedia v4 - codename expedition aka code commando - go commando	

hi curious person that is viewing source of my site.  now that you are here, i know 
that you are an uber-nerd.  now i can talk about star wars and use my lame han solo
voice...see i'm doing it right now.  ok, so you are a nerd and you like the codes...
the html codes to be exact.  well, you are in a semi-decent area to learn.

feel free to learn from, analyze, and/or use the techniques used in this site.  i'm
just a regular dude that learned css/xhtml/js the same exact way you are doing now.

whatever you do, don't clone this site.  i'll have to hack your site.


<!-- this is the section where i explain the data, this is data about data, yeah im a dork -->
<meta http-equiv="content-ype" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" />
<meta http-equiv="imagetoolbar" content="no" />

That's what you call fun with source code. Do you do this anywhere? Share!

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  1. Your damn blog guru.
    Even I’ve seen it before. But I didn’t get idea to make it an interesting blog post like this. You’ve done it !

  2. You can put this line to your HTML for fun =)

    <!– meta name=”GENERATOR” content=”Microsoft FrontPage 1.0″ –>

  3. I viewed the source of and noticed they have a funny intro there as well.

    @Sitex – that’s a hilarious idea. That or something like Adobe Go Live

  4. LarryZen

    Nice Source Code Easter Egg here:

  5. Brian

    LMAO. That is awesome.

  6. Any one out there use Smarty Templates? I can’t get it to produce clean code to save my life. After any smarty tag, the next line is indented like crazy. If David (or anyone else) looked at my source, they’d run away screaming.

    Any suggestions?

  7. Check this one out.

    Wake Interactive

    Quite amusing!

  8. On‘s main page, if you scroll to the bottom you can see a little we are hiring notice for the positions of front-end software engineer (JavaScript/DHTML/Ajax/C/C++) and back-end software engineer (C/C++/networking/databases) and also visual designer.

  9. Lewis Walsh

    I have a habit of hiding things like this in PHP source, but never HTML. Not sure the client would appreciate it if they stumbled across the source.

  10. I love finding little things like that in peoples source codes. I dont do it all the time but If I like the way a site looks I will poke around in the source and see what they did or used. Firebug/Web Developer make it a lot easier as well :p

  11. I have not done it. But I think I shall, as it is very funny, and only a select few people ever see it.

    I think it is nice to reward those curious guys that took the time to view the source :)

  12. On my site, I have all the Javascript concatenated together and minified into a single very unreadable file. I have a comment in the HTML page though that instructs curious geeks as to a special index-dev.html URL that will let them view the un-obfuscated source.

  13. Stewart

    I done this on my robots tag cos I knew people would be looking for my download folder

    User-agent: *
    Disallow: /images/
    Disallow: /cached/
    Disallow: /ha-very-good-you-wont-find-it-here/

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