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You probably know by know that I enjoy using JavaScript-powered bookmarklets to retrieve information.  I create a jQuery documentation bookmarklet, a MooTools class sniffer bookmarklet, and a  even a bookmarklet to allow you to submit articles to Script & Style.  I work extensively with Dojo on a day to day basis so I end up needing to review documentation often.  I got tired of using the API's search methods and instead chose to create a bookmarklet to get quick access to what I want.

The JavaScript

(function()%7Bvar%20d=document,w=window,ds=d.getSelection,ws=w.getSelection,ss=d.selection;t=(ws)%3Fws():(ds)%3Fds():(ss)%3Fss.createRange().text:'';t=(t.toString().length)%3Ft:prompt('Please select the Dojo resource you would like to research.','');if(t)%7Ba='';u=a+t.split('.').join('/');f=function(),'dwin','scrollbars=1,toolbar=0,resizable=1,status=1,width=600,height=600');if(!x)w.location.href=u;%7D;if(/Firefox/.test(navigator.userAgent))setTimeout(f,0);else%20f();%7D%7D)();

What a mess!  Don't worry about it -- it's compact because your browsers want it that way. You may simply click the bookmarklet and type in the class name you want to find (ex: dijit.layout.TabContainer), or highlight a class name in the page and click the bookmarklet.

Have fun with this bookmarklet -- it may save you some time.

Recent Features

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    well done!thx!

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