Cloudinary Improves User Experience through Intelligent Delivery

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Over the past months I've been showing you techniques for optimizing your site media with Cloudinary.  Cloudinary has you covered with APIs in just about every programming language, a host of useful add-ons, the ability to modify images on the fly by modifying URLs, implementation of bleeding edge browser APIs, and a whole lot more.  Hosting and serving media with Cloudinary is secure, flexible, optimized, reliable, and dynamic...and Cloudinary offerings just got better.

Cloudinary has just announced that they now support "multi-CDN", meaning you no longer need to select the best CDN, handle the technical integration, fit the CDN to your needs -- Cloudinary does it all for you!  Each of Cloudinary's supported CDNs has different advantages and special features;  Cloudinary maps your requirements to the best matching CDN.  CDN variables and features can include:

  • On-the-fly image manipulation via CDN URLs
  • Adaptive format adaptation for any browser
  • Automatic image optimization with Save Data support
  • SEO friendly URLs with dynamic suffix
  • Automatic width and DPR using Client Hints
  • Transparent and automatic invalidations
  • Custom domain (CNAME), SSL support, HTTP/2 support
  • Video streaming with on-the-fly transcoding

This multi CDN approach enables developers to improve the end-user experience by:

  • Leveraging strengths of various CDNs to offer the best-of-breed performance and coverage for all users.
  • Improving the quality of service - performance, reliability and availability - specifically for users that otherwise would not be as close to a server.
  • Eliminating operational overhead of managing and maintaining CDN solutions, such integration, maintenance and contracts.

CDNs are incredibly important when creating lightning fast, always available websites.  Numbers show that the longer your site takes to load, the more likely your users are to bail.  Images account for approximately 60% of downloaded content, and if 60% of your assets are slow to download, you're losing visitors and revenue.  CDNs serve your assets not just on lightning fast servers but servers located throughout the world, so visitors get the fastest possible download based on their location.

Using real-time monitoring and performance data, Cloudinary will dynamically switch between different CDN providers and networks to match the user characteristics, request by request.

Leading media websites like Twitter, Facebook, and Netflix have adopted the multi-CDN approach to more efficiently serve media throughout the world -- Cloudinary can now do that for you too!

Cloudinary's service keeps improving by providing its users flexibility along with cutting edge technology and strategies.  What I love most about what Cloudinary does is they seem to solve everything, and now they've solved CDN with the new multi-CDN feature.  Every media storage, delivery, and transformation feature I can think of is supported by Cloudinary.  Give Cloudinary a try so you can see everything they have to offer!