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    Nick Janssen is a full-stack web developer with a passion for creating cool applications, originally from Belgium.

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    Declarative Build Configurations

    Some time ago I posted an article how you can build apps faster using a build tool called Angus. In the meantime the tool has gotten a whole lot better, embracing the concept of declarative build configurations. In this article I would like to show...

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    Building Web Apps Faster Using Angus

    When it comes to building web apps, there are a couple of tools available that help you develop faster. There's GruntJS, GulpJS, Brunch and others which streamline your workflow by doing a series of build tasks: Test the code Clean the build directory Copy source files...

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    Building a 3D MMO Using WebSockets

    Hi there! My name is Nick Janssen, creator of Ironbane, a 3D MMO that uses WebGL and WebSockets. With this article I would like to give you a better insight in MMO's and make you less afraid of the complexities involved in building one.