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    Front-end developer and designer originated from a small and proud island in the Caribbean, Dominican Republic, who recently moved to the US in search of broadening it’s horizons as a web developer, push his career to new heights, and hopefully meet and work with great, passionate developers and designers along the way. Currently a freelancer, started designing and mocking up websites in early 2011 while still in college, but later discovered that making design come to life, and creating great experiences for the end user was even more gratifying, so soon after he was building full, interactive sites along a small team of colleagues. Since then, has helped build and lead several web projects from the ground up, exceeding the client’s expectations on each of them, and delivering best in class user experience. His interests include working on big and challenging projects, listening to loud, fast paced music, and eating inconsiderable amounts of asian food.

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    CSS Vertical Centering

    Front-end developing is beautiful, and it's getting prettier by the day. Nowadays we got so many concepts, methodologies, good practices and whatnot to make our work stand out from the rest. Javascript (along with its countless third party libraries) and CSS have grown so big, helping...