Arthur Puszynski Tutorials

    Initially inspired by C++ graphics demoscenes in the 90s, Arthur’s passion for graphics programming has continued to grow since that time. With 15+ years focused on chart and mapping visualizations, the death of plugins have brought a renewed passion for platform independent graphics using JavaScript and SVG.

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    JS Charting:  Google Sheets

    In this article, we will chart data from a publicly accessible google spreadsheet feed (via JSON) and create a dashboard using the JS Charting library. By consuming the spreadsheet in this way, updated results will show live as soon as any shared edits are made...

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    JS Charting:  Mapping

    JS Charting comes integrated with geographic mapping support, including optimized data files for all country, province and state maps without the need of a separate product or add-on. What's more interesting is that the API for mapping is the same as that used for regular...