Amazon.Com WHOIS = WTF?

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I was doing some research on domains and WHOIS information today when I stumbled upon a peculiar results for Amazon.Com. Take a look at the server name in the image below.

This is clearly not the name of Amazon's server, but I have no idea how this comes about. This site found the same thing and mentions that "The response back was any domain with in the name." Not the most precise of answers but what an odd thing to stumble upon.

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  1. Amazon seems to have some problems with their domains / dns. The amazon webservice AWS isn’t reachable any more. The domain worked earlier this week without problems. The amazon s3 storage service isn’t fully available any more.

  2. Strange…
    Well, on it directed me to, which shows a normal looking Whois. Interesting though.

  3. I know that they had some issues with some of their services last month. A lot of the time the uk site was grinding. This looks like a malicious attack tho.

  4. Mona

    I don’t really know much about WHOIS or domains, but not too long ago when YouTube was down for a few hours, I remember reading a post by someone that had used WHOIS to find info on and I’m fairly certain that they reported something identical to what you found

    I have no idea what that would mean, if anything at all. Just saw that and knew I had seen it before.

  5. Katherine

    I just ran a whois on and the results are unchanged.

  6. Cirs

    Still unchanged :)
    Pretty funny

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