Weekend Links – AJAX ASCII Art, Website Evolution, FlexiGrid jQuery, IE CSS Compatibility, jQuery File Tree, PHP Logging Class

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Gaia AJAX ASCII Art Generator

Lets be honest: ASCII is truly on of the coolest accomplishments in programming history. Combined with AJAX, it's even better.


The Evolution of Websites: How 10 Popular Websites Have (and Have Not) Changed

I loved this article. I remember when some of these websites (ESPN, CNN, etc.) looked horrible. Check out this article to take a trip down memory lane!


FlexiGrid for jQuery

FlexiGrid is an ultra cool table widget built using jQuery. Very user-friendly and provides great control over the table data.


CSS Compatibility and Internet Explorer

Sounds like an oxymoron, right? The friendly people over at MSDN have created numerous table detailing CSS support in each version of Internet Explorer.


jQuery File Tree

There are a thousand different JavaScript file tree scripts out there, but this one is the most impressive I've seen so far.


PHP Logging Class

I've tinkered around with creating my own logging class but after seeing this I may not have to. If you're PHP programmer, try out this awesome logging class. It could save you a lot of time down the road!


Recent Features

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    Write Simple, Elegant and Maintainable Media Queries with Sass

    I spent a few months experimenting with different approaches for writing simple, elegant and maintainable media queries with Sass. Each solution had something that I really liked, but I couldn't find one that covered everything I needed to do, so I ventured into creating my...

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    JavaScript Promise API

    While synchronous code is easier to follow and debug, async is generally better for performance and flexibility. Why "hold up the show" when you can trigger numerous requests at once and then handle them when each is ready?  Promises are becoming a big part of the JavaScript world...

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