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I took some quick time to set up a DreamHost hosting promotion code to get you $50 off yearly DreamHost hosting.

DreamHost has been a great host for the site. Quick load times, great bandwidth allowance, good price, and awesome customer support.

In the interest of full disclosure, I do get a small sum for the referral, but it goes towards keeping the blog at break even.

To get the $50 discount, go to DreamHost.com and enter the referral code DAVIDWALSH, or click this link.

If you prefer to pay monthly, use the code DAVIDWALSH10 to save $10 PER MONTH.

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  1. Dear Dave,

    This was the best review on webhosts I have found.

    By the way, Go Daddy has no snap shot backup, they back up yes, but charge 150.00 if you need to to use it (whether for a partial or complete restore). This is per the sales guy I talked to.

    Also the two guys I called and talked with at Crystal tech were very nice and prompt yesterday. Today nobody was reachable in sales for many many moments (over 15 min before I gave up) Their disc storage size is low and if your site is “content rich” (I provide free old books to read on my site) it rapidly becomes unaffordable.

    Dream Host has answered one of my questions in sales via e-mail promptly, but I have been waiting several hours (three hours now and counting) to hear a reply to my second question before I decide to use them.

    I am glad that I have some leeway in deciding to change hosts, time-wise, but it is still an agonizing process fraught with peril.

    I do not recommend addr.com or midphase, or earthlink both of whom are not honest or reliable in either their marketing or their support.

    Yahoo can not support their small business customers now that they have failed to consider the impact of Vista and IE7 after a year to get ready. They were a good choice for a few years, with caveats, but are now not the place to go if you need more than basic support and you are heavily dependent on authoring tools, (which they encouraged and now they no longer work with Vista and IE7). Their price is high because they cater to those who need such things and now that they can’t make them work properly they are not worth their cost.
    Any of the pages made with their sitebuilders will not render correctly to users with IE7, including inability for the viewers to be able to tailor the fonts sizes to their own needs.

    Hope this information is of additional use.

    I will be using one of the web hosts you recommend, but I am still in the decision phase.

    Again, this is a most helpful page and I have learned quite a bit on your blog. The fact that you seem knowledgeable and ethical shines throughout your site.

    I, for one, am deeply grateful to you and your willingness to share your expertise.



  2. i use STARTLOGIC.COM, very good host,

  3. for the first year its very great price but for the second year?

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