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Robert Lyon has been announced as our winner! Congratulations Robert!

Theme X

Theme X is a groundbreaking versatile and highly responsive  theme coming from Themeco ( It could be the last theme that you will have to work with, given its stunning features and its top notch customer support.

The yardstick of this theme is a feature named Stacks, which is basically a collection of several designs gathered in one easy to use package, allowing its users to build an unlimited number of different websites.

Theme X

X  does not have a dashboard per se. They took site building to a whole new level and the interface is basically a preview screen, where every single change is done in real time, and you can decide whether to keep the final result or edit further. Furthermore, some of the best e-marketing specialists available worked on creating X.

X 2.0.

The latest update - version 2.0 - comes with an extra Stack, setting an even higher standard for the industry and the theme itself. The $60 price tag is more than reasonable, considering what you get, and it includes high quality technical support.

Theme X

Customer Testimonial

I've been working with the X theme for about two weeks now, and every time I work with it I find another beautiful new feature that proves how intuitive and (compared to other themes) *easy* X is. The support provided by is top-notch. They have an active user forum where support staff seem to answer questions at all hours of the day and night, and their video tutorials and plain-language documentation make learning a breeze. I highly recommend this theme and the company that created it.


Theme X

How To Win

If you want a chance to win a license for the Theme X 2.0, just leave a comment below and tell us why you think you deserve a copy. One week from now, we will make sure to choose the most convincing answer, so give it a shot. We wish you the best of luck!

WINNER: Robert Lyon

The winner of this brilliant theme is Robert Lyon. Robert's goal of improving the lives of India's youth is admirable. Congratulations to Robert and I hope that this theme enables him to continue his great work!


  1. tudoutou

    One intentional client want to customize X theme to built their site.
    It would be good to try the theme to do some preparations.

  2. jason

    Because my website is painfully bland and this can take me from zero to hero!!!

  3. Because I’ll explore it’s features to the maximum.

  4. Motty

    Hey! The theme looks amazing! I’m a jobless student who wants to start a web design/development blog…this theme would be perfect!

  5. John

    There are plenty of WordPress themes available for free and paid. But I haven’t seen any themes which uses the potentials of WordPress to build a universal theme like does. Amazing to see what a developer could do with WordPress themes. As a developer, I wanted to learn more about WordPress theming in general and deliver cost effectiveness and fast turnaround on my projects using this theme.

  6. Robbo

    The Wife wants to get into creating wordpress sites for friends and family so what better way to dive in head first with the ultimate theme. Will save me having to show her the ropes.

  7. Arnau

    Because is one of the best themes that I’ve never seen, and I need it! :)

  8. As a noob, I am paying my front end WordPress dues learning how to utilize premium themes to build sites using best practices. This is a great theme to break your teeth on.

  9. Trying to start a business can be difficult. Not only do you need a great product, but that product has to be presented in a way that will attract customers. There is a fine line between sharp and sophisticated, and downright tacky. A good number of online businesses are not aware of this line, and cross it constantly. I don’t want to be one of those businesses, and this theme would give me the necessary running start that would allow me to compete with the “big boys.”

  10. I’m looking for some time to find the perfect theme that can be fully customizable not by spending hours in tweaking css files. This one looks a promising theme, that haves a great responsive design.

  11. Bradley

    I am currently studying at college, and will be going into professional web design/ development in the next few months. Although I have developed a number of WordPress themes myself it would be interesting to see how a professional themes do it, and in what manner they extend the CMS’s core capabilities. With this theme I could do that, and hopefully improve the way I do my own theming.

  12. I must win this theme because I really s*cks at design.

  13. Well, I have been looking over internet and can see X theme all over the way. I can see lots of things can be done with this theme.

    Completely different website with just single theme, I would say WOW to have such theme in your pocket. As a being a developer I always prefer to give greater flexibility to my client and that is what I can give with this theme when its comes to changing look and feel.

    Look forward to winning this theme… :)

  14. I work with street and slum children in India helping to provide them with Education, Nutrician, Health Care and of course a bit of fun, winning one of the licences wouls enable me to produce better, smarter and more desirable content to hopefully gain more interest in the work I do and the enable me to help more children.

  15. Caleb Cook

    I’m a student getting into several hobbies (web design, photography, videography, and just computers in general). I’m wanting to make a website to showcase my projects that I’ve done. Usually they are for friends/family to get more experience, but I am wanting to start a website that other people can visit to see my work. I love the “flat” design of X and would definitely use it!

  16. Maxime

    Parce que je le vaux bien !

  17. I deserve to win because I am going to use it right away in my up coming website, and I’ll tell people where to get it from!

  18. That’s amazing!

    I would like to use this theme for my travel blog site ;)

  19. Serban

    Because we are all equal

  20. Rob

    Looks like Theme X may be in a class of its own because it appears to be more versatile, with greater functionality than Divi 2.0, Visual Composer, and others WP themes with content builders. Would love to build my next client website with Theme X 2.0

  21. sa

    This thème is a must have

  22. My site is old and stale. I could really use a refresh but I haven’t had the time or energy to update it. But implementing a new look would force me to start updating again (and innovating).

  23. I was create many WordPress sites for my clients. I even read if X we can use many different themes with this one. I hope I have this theme so I can create great sites in future.

  24. Daniel

    Because it’s the most flexible theme I’ve ever seen and I’d like to see it with more detail.

  25. Ernesto Arana

    Because I’m from a third world country and I don´t have money to shop this theme. (sure I will pirate it :P

    • Ernesto Arana

      …And I´m a goonner like you ;)

  26. Andrew Taylor

    I need a reason to come back to WordPress from Jekyll

  27. Many have many reasons to win this theme….But I need a theme that builds enthusiasm and keep the spirit of open source developers that the oppurtunities they have and how they can explore themselves working with it and how one can dig out the that the opensource have.And every one wants the users to stay in their site for long time and also tries to provide awesome stuff the users needed and also the developers like me who is a beginner feels excited if I won this theme……..Cute design and lovely features embeeded it in….

  28. I develop custom WordPress themes for myself primarily. There are these modern flexible themes that offer more functionality than I could ever hope to make myself.

    It would be great to get ideas and modern theme experience from a pretty great theme.

  29. I don’t deserve it, but how sweet to be the X Winner!

  30. I may not deserve it, but how sweet to be the X winner!

  31. Love to win it!!!

  32. I’m trying to help my boyfriend in a moment when he tries to start a new business although all difficulties that we face. In case i win – will use the theme to create a new web-site that i believe can help him during his first steps

  33. Because I am LAZY.

  34. i will tear part the theme and learn how to do this . its amazing and holy mother of cow . long live the developer .

  35. I love it to play around with themes and want to know how customizable this theme is.

  36. Jean

    I need one because I want to start with wordpress and i like do do it right

  37. charlie

    It’s a case study theme and I’d like to know how to develop one killer theme like this.

  38. Teresa Cook

    Just starting a website (still trying to think of a good domain name). I started looking for a theme, and decided to check your site. Glad I saw this giveaway – the theme is perfect! I can’t believe how much potential it has, and I would love to use it for my website. Glad I found it before choosing something else – this is exactly what I want. I would love to win this, because it would really help me to get started.

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