Weekend Links – MooWheel, mooZoom, eXtplorer, YSlow, Cygwin Find

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MooWheel: A JavaScript Connections Visualization Library

MooWhool is an unbelievable feat. This visualization library builds connections from the data you pass to it...all with MooTools! You have to see this to really understand its power.


Should Links Open In New Windows?

Yes. Next question.



mooZoom is an great tool for allowing users to zoom in on images. I was going to write something like this but no point now. Great work from R'born.



eXtplorer is a Ext JavaScript and PHP based file manager. Very slick and functional. If you need a file manager, make this your first choice.


Understanding YSlow

There's a lot to learn if you want to use YSlow to improve your website. Let this be your guide.


Find Is A Beautiful Tool

Eric Wendelin has written about Cygwin's "Find" tool. In his examples, he uses Find to manage CSS files from the command line.


Recent Features

Incredible Demos

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    Introducing MooTools ElementSpy

    One part of MooTools I love is the ease of implementing events within classes. Just add Events to your Implements array and you can fire events anywhere you want -- these events are extremely helpful. ScrollSpy and many other popular MooTools plugins would...

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    Chris Coyierâs Favorite CodePen Demos IV

    Did you know you can triple-heart things on CodePen? We’ve had that little not-so-hidden feature forever. You can click that little heart button on any Pen (or Project, Collection, or Post) on CodePen to show the creator a little love, but you can click it again...


  1. Unfortunately MooWheel has no love for Safari 3 – getting (and always was getting) a blank space – which is too bad since that could get pretty useful in some of my commercial projects.

  2. Thanks for the mention! I have to ask: Are there any cases where links should not open in a new window, David?

  3. Appreciate the mention! Just wanted to point out that MooWheel now works in Safari 3 (just needed conditional comments around the excanvas.js inclusion).

  4. Yes. Next question.

    That’s my opinion! :-) I’m currently developing an interesting solution for that. I’ll let you know when it’s done.

  5. @Eric: I’ll follow up with thoughts about new windows in another post. I simply don’t subscribe to the “links shouldn’t open in other windows” idea. Doesn’t seem all that practical to me.

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