Weekend Links – Google Maps API, HeatMap API, googleDrive, MooTools Forms, jQuery Sparklines, Firebug

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Density Map Tutorial -- Prototype, Google Maps API, and the HeatMap API

HeatMap allows you to create heat maps on top of Google Analytics. A very impressive script that requires little code from the developer.



googleDrive is a script written by PhatFusion. Why drag the Google Map when you can just drive around it? Grand Theft Google!


10 MooTools Scripts For Enhancing Your Web Forms

Web forms can be bland and boring but they don't have to be! Here's a list of MooTools scripts that will make your forms pop!


jQuery Sparklines

Sparklines is a mini chart-building script built with jQuery. The charts aren't anything too special but they're simple and effective.


John Resig -- Firebuggin'

John Resig as joined the Firebug team at Firefox! Glorious!


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