Upcoming O’Reilly Conferences with 20% Discount!

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O'Reilly has a few amazing conferences popping up in the short term that I'm excited to share.  I also have an awesome discount code, PC20DWALSH, to save you 20% on conference fee!

Velocity (DevOps & Web Perf) Conference

September 19-22 - New York, NY

Since 2008, Velocity has brought together talented people from diverse backgrounds who are doing amazing things in web performance, web ops, and DevOps. The breadth of our program continues to grow: at this year's Velocity, we'll hear stories of great success, worthy failures, and concrete technical solutions around these themes: performance for the people, measuring the right things, infrastructure reimagined, financial systems, and case studies.

Internet of Things

Designing for the Internet of Things

September 15, 2016 - Online

The fast-evolving Internet of Things presents unique, complex challenges for UX designers. To help you understand and surmount these challenges, we’ve gathered seven leading experts in IoT design for a daylong virtual conference addressing the crucial topics you need to know to create the next generation of products and services. You’ll learn about technological fundamentals of the IoT, industrial design, prototyping for connected products, designing with artificial intelligence, designing for failure, privacy and security considerations, and the UX design of devices that incorporate machine learning.

Security Conference

October 31–November 2 - New York

O’Reilly Media is launching its first Security Conference, bringing together in-the-trenches security practitioners from organizations of every size and across a wide breadth of industries to share actionable insight in a supportive, hype-free environment. We’ll share interesting successes (and failures), provocative ideas, practical how-tos, proven best practices, and effective new approaches that can benefit all defenders.

Looking for new ways to fend off a targeted attack or eject persistent intruders from your environment or recover quickly and effectively from a breach? Need to integrate new technology into your environment, securely and successfully? Need to figure out how to keep your access controls (to data, network, or cloud) effective at scale—without losing your mind? Want to help your management team and BOD understand how your work is crucial to the bottom line? All of the above?

Don't forget to use PC20DWALSH to get your discount! Have fun!