Python Tutorials

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    Get Class Methods with Python

    As a newbie to the excellent world of Python development, I'm not always familiar with the methods provided by imported classes.  Oftentimes these classes are well-documented but in the case that methods aren't documented, I found the dir function useful for getting a list of methods: The...

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    Python Decorator for Preventing Robot Indexing

    Much of my time at Mozilla has been spent catching up to the rest of the MDN team with respect to python.  The new MDN backend, codenamed Kuma, is entirely Django-based and has been a joy to learn.  My latest python adventures have been focused on...

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    Fixing Python’s “Python Eggs” Error

    Let me first state this for the record: I am not a server guy. The closest I've ever gotten to compiling my own versions of code is "sudo port install ..." So when I decided to teach myself Python (creating simply database interaction...