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Treehouse Free

There are quite a few tech video tutorial websites on the internet but Treehouse is the web's best.  Of course it's easy to make that claim but here are some of the numerous reasons why that can only be true.

Trying Treehouse is FREE

Treehouse's sponsorship of this site provides developers a free two week membership of Treehouse.  A free fortnight with access to all that Treehouse has to offer:  video tutorials, quizzes, code challenges, and more.  There's no real reason not to try Treehouse -- give it a shot!

Expansive Topic Library

Treehouse doesn't specialize in one or two topics;  Treehouse offers courses in HTML, CSS, jQuery, JavaScript, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, WordPress, PHP, Business, iOS, and Android.  These topics cover servers side, client side, and mobile.  In essence, Treehouse provides a complete development stack experience so the barrier of entry is as low as possible.  You don't even need to be a Developer to sign up -- start from scratch and become a Developer!

Quality Picture

The quality of Treehouse videos is outstanding.  No pixelated capture and no wonky feeds -- Treehouse videos are shot in glorious HD.  Even code samples presented within videos are crystal clear.  Essentially there is no detail missed regardless of current video focus.  Consistency in quality is what Treehouse provides.

Relatable, Expert Instructors

Treehouse's instructors and presenters aren't simply actors or relics from programming past -- they're knowledgable, engaging hosts that present with the enthusiasm that every developer has.  That simple difference in host keeps you learning.  Even when I'm focused on developing, I'll play a Treehouse video in the background to catch a few tips on whichever language I choose.

Interactive Quizzes and Code Challenges

It's easy to read a tutorial or watch an instructional video and say "Yeah, I got it."  But until you get put into the position to need to know it, you can't say you know it.  Treehouse provides loads of interactive quizzes and code challenges to help you remember aspects of a given language, or simply jog your memory about important concepts.  That reinforcement will come in handy even when you already have a job and good knowledge of a topic.

Job Search Assistance

Many sites provide the basic tech training but don't tell you where to go afterward.  Treehouse bucks that trend, providing job placement assistance after you've completed a given program.  You aren't simply left looking in the rearview to see Treehouse waving -- Treehouse helps you get to your desired destination.  What a comfort it is to not be seen off, but rather helped to your dream job.

There's no tech video tutorial service quite like Treehouse.  Treehouse truly takes you from your first day learning a new technology to helping you land that dream job you've been working so hard for.  Give Treehouse a try -- it's free to start, cheaper and more convenient than college, and its expansive library will teach you just about everything you need to know.  You really can't lose with Treehouse -- go for it!

Treehouse is a sponsor of this blog. I've written this post on my own volition and without the request of Treehouse.

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  1. Alex Boorman

    I have to say as great as the videos look on treehouse (and they seem to be really well crafted) they don’t cover any advanced topics so for a lot of people it’s really not that useful :( I would love to subscribe if they would provide some more advanced content specifically for PHP development. I learn a lot from reading your tutorials, if they covered stuff similar to what you did it would be incredible.

  2. Joedev

    Treehouse is epic. No school will ever teach you everything. The advanced stuff is for the dev/designer to research. That’s when you ask the geniuses on Stackoverflow. Most devs I know heavily rely on Stackoverflow haha

  3. I love TreeHouse, I mean, look at that score:


    but they are lacking more advanced material. This puts them behind PluralSight in my opinion. Pluralsight is strictly training videos, so no quizzing unfortunately. But the breadth and depth of the videos can’t be beat.

    There is a nice Treehouse feature where if you ask a question in the forum and it’s interesting enough to the community, they’ll actually create a video tutorial just for that question. That’s pretty boss.

  4. Robert Smith

    I was recently a member of TreeHouse for around 12 months, the screencasts are brilliant however I the code challenges were not on par with CodeSchool in terms of testing your understanding of the concepts covered, CodeSchool also offers more advenced tutorials, (Well at least in the JavaScript courses I’ve done they cover closures and more advanced uses of funcion expressions and iife’s etc.

    That all said TreeHouse is a fantastic resource those who are new to the development scene, it was a great resource for me and I wouldn’t have got my current job had it not been for what I’d learnt through TreeHouse.

    For more advanced stuff than these two cover checkout http://www.frontendmasters.com/ Courses on there are taught by Kyle Simpson and Douglas Crockford so you’ll struggle to find more advanced than they can offer.

  5. What if I want to cancel? Is it a pain?

  6. Treehouse Blog is my daily source of inspiration. It taught me so many things alone. Iguess what would happen to my Web Development skills if I join it. After reading this post I’m firm to join Treehouse at all cost. Will spend all my pocket money on it now. Thanks for sharing the reasons to join it (Although I knew them, But now I’m feeling more inspired).

  7. An instructive post. People to really know who they want to reach and why or else, they’ll have no way to know what they’re trying to achieve. People need to hear this and have it drilled in their brains..
    Thanks for sharing this great article.

  8. How does this compare to Codecademay?

  9. Joe

    “Job Search Assistance”

    Yeah–not so much. This is a big smoke and mirrors affair–though Treehouse will take full credit if you ever took a class then later said you found work. There. Is. No. Assistance.

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