Sharpen Your JavaScript Skills with Pluralsight

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JavaScript recently turned 25 years old, and while it started by dominating over the client side world, this beautiful programming language is well on its way to taking over the server side. JavaScript isn't just thriving -- it's evolving with new syntax features, patterns, frameworks, best practices, and platforms...and we as engineers need to evolve with it. To celebrate 25 years of JavaScript, Pluralsight is treating us to 25 free JavaScript courses for coders ranging from new to advanced!

After signing up for a free Pluralsight trial, I started off by taking an assessment so that Pluralsight (and I) could determine my current skill level. The series of roughly 20 questions was fair and touched a number of topics.

As I said, the questions were fair, but it made me realize how I need to improve my generator function skills (I never use them in the day job) and that I could tighten up some details about template strings, etc.

I left the assessment knowing what I had missed, but to my surprise, Pluralsight put together a custom list of course offerings I should take to address my knowledge gaps:

Clicking through to learn more about Iterators and Generators, I was greeted by a well organized set of video content; I was able to skip ahead and jump back to view a section a second time when I felt I missed something:

After sharpening my generator skills, I jumped to several of the other JavaScript videos and learned more about topics I thought I knew in and out. The experience was incredibly easy and focused.

Since I had a good time with the JavaScript content, I moved on to learn about Python and Go. The Pluralsight library is massive; you can learn about programming languages, products from specific vendors, management skills, and more. I was blown away.

I knew Pluralsight had release their JavaScript courses in celebration of the language's 25 birthday, but I had no idea how much fun I would have learning and just how much Pluralsight offers. The assessment shaped my learning path and really gave the confidence and desire to learn other skills. Check out Pluralsight when you get a moment -- this is the best online learning platform I've used yet. I promise you'll have as much as I did!


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