Mozilla - David Walsh

I have the pleasure of working for the web freedom fighters known as Mozilla. Mozilla is without a doubt the best organization in the world to work for.

Mozilla Developer Network

I spend the majority of my time improving the best web development documentation website in the world: the Mozilla Developer Network. Since I joined Mozilla and the MDN team, we have:

  • Moved MDN from a third-party software to a completely in-house platform called Kuma.
  • Enhanced numerous features present on the old platform, including creating a new template language called KumaScript
  • Met in Toronto and hashed out the next six months of development goals
  • Performed minor miracles every day.

The Mozilla Developer Network is a community-driven documentation site, so please take the time to contribute to the cause!

Mozilla Marketplace

I've also been able to chip in a bit on the Mozilla Marketplace. The Mozilla Marketplace will be the best place to find cross-platform, cross-device, web-based applications. Look forward to downloading your favorite apps from the Mozilla Marketplace very soon!

Mozilla Job

Work For Mozilla!

Want to surround yourself with some of the best web developers in the world? Want to work for a an organization that encourages open source and actually cares about the web community? Want to travel around the world, speaking and evangelizing about advanced web technologies? Work for Mozilla!