5 Great MooTools Plugin Resources

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One of the strengths of the MooTools JavaScript library is that the code is so flexible. This flexibility allows almost anyone to download the core and create plugins to their heart's content. Why reinvent the wheel if you don't have to though? Check out these fine websites which are loaded with easy to implement plugins.


Clientcide is a blog and plugin repository authored by MooTools core team member Aaron Newton. Aaron provides dozens of code snippets, plugins, and examples to help you implement the code. The documentation is top notch and Clientcide also provides a forum for users to discuss issues and ideas.


moo.rd - A Lightweight MooTools Extension

moo.rd features a great collection of visual plugins to give your sites a bit more pop. My favorite extensions and plugins include Make.Table, Fx.Cycle, and Tutorial. moo.rd also features a MooTools-style plugin download tool so that you can grab only the modules you need at the compression rate that you want.



MochaUI is MooTools' unofficial UI branch. Mocha provides a wealth of visual components includes dialog windows, web desktops, complete web applications, and a collection of useful widgets.



PhatPhusion also offers an impressive collection of visual widgets, including lightbox, sortable tables, rounded corners , and slideshow plugins. PhatPhusion's plugins are still only compatible with MooTools 1.1, but their functionality is worth your time to update to 1.2.



This is the website of MooTools core developer Harald Kirschner. Harald has authored some essential plugins including AutoCompleter, FancyUpload, History Manager, Roar, and more.


Do yourself a favor: before taking hours to code a plugin, check out the five great sites featured above. You could save a lot of time by utilizing the tools provided at each site.

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  1. David, thanks for this. I’ve seen things like SproutCore but MochaUI is much nicer since it is built on Mootools. Also, I’ve been looking for a good lightbox that was built on Mootools 1.2 like the one on digitarald. Seems like everyone who built their mootools1.11 version just decided not to update their code. With that in mind, if you have any other good mootools1.2 lightboxs I’d appreciate if you passed them along.

  2. ken

    you can check the plugin download page in clientcide, lightbox has been ported to 1.2

  3. @ken, thanks! I haven’t checked out clientcide since mootools1.11. I’m definitely going to start using their stuff since they seem to be on top of things in the mootools world.

  4. From Elad:

    http://jxlib.org/ – awesome ui library
    http://customformelements.net/ – as the domain says
    http://mifjs.net/ – best tree implementation in mootools ever
    http://meteora.astrata.com.mx/ – another ui library but based on mootools 1.11

  5. Chesley

    I didn’t know the moo.rd library and its lightbox since now, thank you David. These virtual lightbox and slideshows are great, aren’t they?

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