Weekend Links – MooTools Ext Adapter, MooWheel, MooColorFinder, Digg Count Stylizer, Super Mario JavaScript

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MooTools 1.2 Ext Adapter

Ext is a wicked cool JavaScript framework/library. The ability to use Moo 1.2 with it is even better. If you're a MooTools developer looking to try out Ext, get this adapter.


MooWheel: A JavaScript Connections Visualization Library

I don't know what exactly you would use this for, but it's a great tool that shows connections between objects. Really creative -- check it out.



From the people that brought you MooSocialize, MooColorFinder is a tool that takes a URL, reads the page, and creates a palette of colors used on the page. Useful for designers that like a website's overall appeal and want the color scheme.


Stylize Your Digg Count

This is a sweet PHP-based solution to making your Digg counter look cooler than Digg's given widgets.


Super Mario In 14kb JavaScript

The title says it all. Recapture your youth!


Recent Features

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    Write Better JavaScript with Promises

    You've probably heard the talk around the water cooler about how promises are the future. All of the cool kids are using them, but you don't see what makes them so special. Can't you just use a callback? What's the big deal? In this article, we'll...

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    5 Ways that CSS and JavaScript Interact That You May Not Know About

    CSS and JavaScript:  the lines seemingly get blurred by each browser release.  They have always done a very different job but in the end they are both front-end technologies so they need do need to work closely.  We have our .js files and our .css, but...

Incredible Demos

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    background-size Matters

    It's something that makes all men live in fear, and are often uncertain of. It's never spoken, but the curiosity is always there. Nine out of ten women agree in the affirmative. Advertisers do their best to make us feel inadequate but...

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    Dynamically Load Stylesheets Using MooTools 1.2

    Theming has become a big part of the Web 2.0 revolution. Luckily, so too has a higher regard for semantics and CSS standards. If you build your pages using good XHTML code, changing a CSS file can make your website look completely different.


    Wrap your code in <pre class="{language}"></pre> tags, link to a GitHub gist, JSFiddle fiddle, or CodePen pen to embed!