Weekend Links – MooTools Ext Adapter, MooWheel, MooColorFinder, Digg Count Stylizer, Super Mario JavaScript

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MooTools 1.2 Ext Adapter

Ext is a wicked cool JavaScript framework/library. The ability to use Moo 1.2 with it is even better. If you're a MooTools developer looking to try out Ext, get this adapter.


MooWheel: A JavaScript Connections Visualization Library

I don't know what exactly you would use this for, but it's a great tool that shows connections between objects. Really creative -- check it out.



From the people that brought you MooSocialize, MooColorFinder is a tool that takes a URL, reads the page, and creates a palette of colors used on the page. Useful for designers that like a website's overall appeal and want the color scheme.


Stylize Your Digg Count

This is a sweet PHP-based solution to making your Digg counter look cooler than Digg's given widgets.


Super Mario In 14kb JavaScript

The title says it all. Recapture your youth!


Recent Features

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    5 More HTML5 APIs You Didn’t Know Existed

    The HTML5 revolution has provided us some awesome JavaScript and HTML APIs.  Some are APIs we knew we've needed for years, others are cutting edge mobile and desktop helpers.  Regardless of API strength or purpose, anything to help us better do our job is a...

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    Creating Scrolling Parallax Effects with CSS

    Introduction For quite a long time now websites with the so called "parallax" effect have been really popular. In case you have not heard of this effect, it basically includes different layers of images that are moving in different directions or with different speed. This leads to a...

Incredible Demos

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    Get Slick with MooTools Kwicks

    When I first saw MooTools graphical navigation, I was impressed. I thought it was a very simple yet creative way of using Flash. When I right-clicked and saw that it was JavaScript, I was floored. How could they achieve such...

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    Link Nudging with CSS3 Animations

    One of the more popular and simple effects I've featured on this blog over the past year has been linking nudging.  I've created this effect with three flavors of JavaScript:  MooTools, jQuery, and even the Dojo Toolkit.  Luckily CSS3 (almost) allows us to ditch...


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