Now is the Time to Get Your Business Protected from Cyberthreats

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Malware has been a problem for decades, one that was exacerbated by the the rise of the internet, file sharing, and digital assets. Whether it's keyloggers or other types of malware, they'll make your computer slow and insecure, all without you knowing. And if you're an employer with remote employees, you'll want to ensure their computers are secured. Malwarebytes provides a variety of services for small business to keep their employees, data, and systems secured!

58% of small businesses who face a cyberattack go out of business. So what are the risk vectors? There are three key instances when a small business' data is at risk:

  • Anytime you transfer data, especially Personally Identifiable Information, like a client, customer or patient's name, health records, credit card info, legal documents.
  • While your team is working from home. Endpoint protection is becoming standard to address this.
  • Passing data between platforms to perform business tasks, like adding customer lists to Facebook ads

All three risk instances are central to running a successful business, and thus must be secured at all times. Those risks have all increased due to remote work. According to Malwarebytes' Enduring From Home report, since the start of the pandemic, 20 percent of small businesses faced a security breach as a result of a remote worker.

In a recent survey of small business security buyers, Malwarebytes found that 70% rated device security as top priority, and 72% said data privacy is top priority. Additionally, 80% say they will add additional cybersecurity solutions to their stack in 2021. Now you can buy small business cybersecurity solutions online, directly from Malwarebytes, including phone support.

How Can Malwarebytes Protect You?

Companies are choosing between two basic approaches:  set-it-and-forget-it proactive threat protection and cloud-based centrally-managed endpoint and ransomware protection.

Malwarebytes for Teams

Malwarebytes for Teams protects your team's data and devices, with Device Alerts, monthly threat reports and priority phone support. Malwarebytes for Teams is more than just an antivirus for small businesses. It uses behavior-based technology to detect and block emerging cyberthreats in real-time that other programs miss. It’s standalone, easy to install, and priority phone support is just a call away.

Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection (+Server Version)

Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection provides complete malware protection and remediation with precise threat detection, proactive threat blocking, and thorough remediation, driven from the cloud and easy to use for organizations of all sizes.

The key differentiator with Malwarebytes' Endpoint protection is enterprise-grade, centrally-managed, and cloud-based protection, great for managing remote workforces, enabling small businesses to isolate endpoints in a cyber attack.

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Malwarebytes Endpoint Detection and Response (+Server Version)

Endpoint Detection and Response is a more advanced version of Endpoint Protection, providing proactive threat hunting and ransomware rollback. With a few simple clicks you can protect your business and brand, improve your regulatory compliance posture, and avoid costly downtime. Malwarebytes Endpoint Detection and Response for Windows and Mac offers enterprise-class endpoint protection, advanced threat hunting, and reliable isolation, remediation, and response to cybersecurity attacks.


Learn more about the current risks and malware threats with these resources:

Consumers are starting to buy enterprise-grade endpoint protection and endpoint detection and response for their family and group devices: High-net worth individuals and families, developer and IT professionals, gearheads and people who have been hacked personally.

Data protection and threat prevention are a must in this new remote paradigm. Don't let weak passwords, stolen certificates, and shared passwords be your business' undoing. If you're looking for protection for your small business, check out Malwarebytes!


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